What does it take to "participate" in the Aegis of the Hearth ritual?

Interesting. That might be the solution.
I will have to crunch some numbers first.

Go back to my post linked to in the OP. I went into some detail on items. There is no clear-cut answer. I addressed stressing different parts of statements and possible results.

I've never considered that a device effect might not work inside a hostile Aegis. IMHO that was one of the strenghts of devices, compared to spells, as a trade-off of costing vis, having fixed Penetration and in generel being less flexible than a spell.
As I thought it, the Penetration of the device - even inside a hostile Aegis - was only relevant if used in targets with a MR of their own. And I actually thought that was a weakness of the Aegis, that it could so easily be circumvented by a device. But is has not been very relevant, since we don't play much magus on magus violence.
But I'd like to hear from Tellus about this

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Interesting thought, that Aegis might have no defence against items.

I am playing a rustic archer magus, embedding his spells in arrows as charged items to be shot at the target. Since, with craft magic, the arrows do not take a season to enchant, this is a very cheap and effective circumvention of the Aegis.

Not that we do much magus on magus violence either, but the idea is ... euh ... interesting.

@Christian_Andersen/anyone else who might care to read through my ramblings:

The problem is exactly how an Aegis would protect against a device inside it?
Because as far as I can tell, the following is simply the rules:

...but then I got myself into a long near-Twilight, contemplating what it means when a device has a negative penetration. As written, the answer is nothing. It still works, as @Christian_Andersen covered above. But should it?
Is it significantly different from using eg a low/no penetration device in an area with eg a Divine Aura?

This is sort of turning into a new thread, about "How Aegis affects spells and devices"

So I'm making a new thread. I'l be back to post a link once I've done this

Edit: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/how-aegis-of-the-hearth-works/167801