What does Pralix mean?

Forgive my ignorance, but though it looks like it should be Latin my scholarly skills (and my cheap Latin dictionary) don't help me any.

I found one translator online that gave "thrall" for "pral" but I couldn't find anything else to back it up. If it is correct, it seems appropriate.

'Pralix' is a word with an ending possible for a Latin noun. But otherwise it doesn't appear very Latin to me.

I would rather look for an aficionado of Douglas Adams or Doctor Who to explain it. There is a character from The Pirate Planet (see tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Pralix .


I have no idea what I mean but that doesn't keep me from posting. :mrgreen:

Maybe it is a Bosnian name:

'Pralice' is a town there, I think.
Or it's Germanic:
prall-ix: full-breasted woman
prahl-ix: show-offish woman
prollig: extroverted, show-offish and definitely lower class (woman?)

No, it CAN'T be Germanic.

While my own linguistic skills are far too poor to suggest any specific etymology for any of the Founders names, I am generally of the opinion that most of them probably represent Latinized forms of their names in various vernacular tongues (as is canonically the case with Quendalon and Davenallus, for example).