What freebie should I write next?

Escape to the Tin Islands was played at Auscon last weeken, and when I rework the single Word file for it this weekend, I'm going to collapse down all of those pages and just have the single file as a downloadable. Thanks to all for their feedback. It did run long. 8)

There's a new poll, to decide what the next freebie I write should be.


Also: in case you haven't read it on my blog, once you get David to accept a pitch from you for Hooks, ask around. A lot of us are willing to lend you a hand, or put forward little ideas for colour, or whatever. The thing is, though, you need to get over the first hurdle, David accepting a pitch, on your own.

How did the scape demos go? :slight_smile:

I might be dense, but I cannot find the poll :frowning: Do you need to be logged in to see the poll?


It's linked to in the first line of that post. You shouldn't need to be logged in, I don't have a wordpress account and I was able to vote.

Xavi, the link is the words "new poll" in the first sentence.