What Happens if You Remove a Person's Aether?

As the thread title, if you discover the Aether form (as described in Dies Irae) and use it to remove the terrestrial Aether from a person's body, what happens to them?

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You might ease or remove the influence of celestial aether (e. g. moon, planets, stars) on the body.

If you include the mind as well (see DI p.41 Heighten the Mind) and destroy all the contained aether, you might free the target completely from astrological influences - as Pico della Mirandola in his Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinicatrium claimed it always was.

In principle you could effectively cure lycanthrope...

though it would be an interesting plot twist if the reason for the limit of the soul was that the soul was made of aether.


This is a great question. One I had not considered and don't yet have an answer for. Ars Magica really does keep giving...


I received an email prompt about this question...

I like the suggestion above. And I would also consider the body becoming heavy and immovable, looking at Aether as a force for constant movement. Other than the good suggestions above, that's all I have for now.