What season of Covenants have you played in?

What Season of covenant have you played in the most?

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

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This has come up with my brother and I who have between us, run 5 games over the last 12 years. Almost all have been spring or summer. So I'm curious, what season of covenant have you played in the most?

I'm in two that are winter to spring Covenants.

Summer or autumn. I voted summer We played spring sagas during quite some time, but we got bored of struggling after a while, so we dedicate only a few seasons now to move to summer. Winter has not been wildly used by us, even if I see quitre some potential in it 8)


My current table saga... (my first using 5th edition).. started in spring, and may not reach summer. We've been using troupe style play and the current sg just started a story that may well see us all being killed or marched and killed... but maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. :frowning:

I find I like playing in already established summer/autumn/ early winter style covenants with magi of varying ages, houses, power levels, and motivations. I like the interplay amongst all of the different ideas and plots going on, and politics of the all the very different magi who belong to the same covenant.

I've always played Spring covenants.

I never liked the idea of having older magi around who can boss the PCs around, and in prior editions writing up a senior magus involved a lot more guesswork. However, I've recently been taken with the idea of running a Fall/Winter covenant... maybe for my next saga.

Once, when we were low on players we played a semi-"winter"-styled saga, starting out with the sole remaining magi of a covenant desperately trying to recruit new magi after his previous two fellows got killed in a major accident. Trying to retain leadership while still getting along with the 3 new magi, having one old and powerful but rather egocentric and "ivory-tower" mage, with the newcomers being one middleaged mage with ambitions and 2 young ones with hopes and wishes, lol that was one big mess. Especially thanks to the chaotic mix of servants and "companions" with their thoroughly ingrained ideas, customs and motives added to the mix.

Overall i think ill add to Xavi, usually even beginning with fresh covenants, they are very quickly moved into the "summer" category as the springtime rarely feels very interesting to play.

I've been playing in a saga that started in spring, and has moved to Summer.

I'm running a saga set in a winter covenant. It's barely begun, and the players have a lot of work to do to resurrect the covenant. I wanted to give the players a story reason to have a large library in the beginning, but also have a lot of behind the scenes political wrangling going on that the players will only gradually become aware of.... probably just before it's too late.... :smiling_imp: