What spells should every covenant have? (Arcane Connection)

Non combat damage, such as falling or damage from spells is Damage Bonus + Stress die, and the soak is the same, soak bonus + stress die. It's entirely consistent with the weapon damage system, too. Both situations have the possibility of unlimited damage, and both systems have the possibility that unlimited damage can be prevented. And it is also to botch on a stress damage roll, which means that the attack did 0 damage, merely a flesh wound, or something to that effect. :smiley:

Or that you break your neck in the 3 meter fall :mrgreen:


Yes, although "on average" might be misconstrued since it assumes you can have negative damage too. :laughing:

The average result is half a light wound or so. Assuming the Soak Total is 5, you roughly have 1/2 no damage, 3/8 light wound, 1/8 medium wound, ~1% heavier.

I may be missing something, but I only saw the one about horsedung in the core rules:)

If you are extrapolating the one about conjured clouds from it, then I'm still not convinced. It's too close to "conjured ice melts into real water" for my tastes.

In the medieval paradigm, I believe, clouds are not floaty things made of water. Instead, they are weather phenomena that create water.
That interpretation makes it more similar to horse dung than to melting ice.

I thought horse dung and the like was due to the horse eating real food. Just like Rego can make permanent change, so can other things so long as they are altering what is present in a natural way. Similarly, a Creo'd fire makes real and lasting ashes of what it burns; those things don't become unburned afterward. Maybe I just misunderstood the "why" behind it.


I agree that under that interpretation it would work. I'm unsure about that being how the ArM5 "physics" work. Even in the ancient world, I believe, it was well understood that water would turn into vapor and vapor into water under certain conditions (I think whoever has boiled water in a pot figures out the concept).

CrAu cannot create water.

Then what do Clouds of Rain and Thunder and Clouds of Summer Snow do?

They create clouds.

The clouds rain or snow on their own.

The clouds go away when the spell ends.

The water does not.

Water is Aquam, so CrAu cannot create either rain or snow.

I figured you might mean that, but the way you stated it was ambiguous (to me).

Since my 5yo saga is based in hibernia our ReAu should be to stop the rain :laughing:

Well in that saga also we have zillions of faeries ( we have a magic regio within a dark faery forest) .
So i just got fond the idea to rego-convert those anoying faery bushes into nutritive faery dung :laughing: lots of crops you know... I will name that faertylizer

Sounds rather like molesting the fae to the detriment of my sodales, thank you very much.

Why? Did that annoy the fae? he doesn'0t say that. Maybe they thought it GREAT. maybe they are a bunch of Nihilist Emo faeries and the fact that their land is a pile of shit is just what they think fitting. :mrgreen:

Molesting is not a crime unless it brings ruin (or whatever is the wording) to your siodales anyway. They can raze Dublin and if that does not affect negatively any covenant that would still not be a hermetic crime. Unlikely that this was the case, but it could happen. And you are likely to be marched anyway, but for the MUNDANE clause, not the faerie one. :slight_smile:


IMS we are in a magical regio within/besides a dark court faery regio. We achieved a pact whilst the faeries are not atacking us (much) in spring or summer, open war in autum and tension in winter... Our saga is in hibernia (there are more faeries than in arkadia. We are self deffending since the first day... No sir blackliger, not in detriment of my sodales (about 19 in whole hibernia in our time ,1050ad )

and as Xavi said not a crime while not a bother

Page 181-- Injuries. It's (Stress die +5) damage, so that's much less insignificant, and likely a medium to heavy wound, depending on soak. (this same aspect applies to other spells, too, so pilum of fire does (Stress die +15) damage)


EDIT: Ooops! Apologies-- this was handled later in thread. My bad-- but at least I've got a page reference.

And (as mentoned above) it's non-combat soak, so a stress die is added to soak as well.
Positive stamina is popular, as is armour... I'm looking at probably a light wound, plausibly nothing.
Medium is not implausible, while heavy or worse is unlikely.

And that's for Size 0 targets.

You did, and I generally appriciate page references, so thank you for that :slight_smile:

It should, if the ReAu prevents the clouds from producing rain. PeAu can work too. Ironically, PeAq is harder.

ReAu removes the clouds and have the sunshine bonus :wink:

Removing clouds requires PeAu. Moving the clouds somewhere else is ReAu, as is controlling the clouds so that they "hold it in."