What's more 3 minors or 1 major?

There are major virtues/flaws that sems like simply 3minors stacked would you allow the creation of majors by stacking minors that are related?
Lame/clumsy/poor reputation: Igor(screwed)

Quiet magic/quiet magic/subtle magic: deft casting

Optimistic/overconfident/enemies: last great hero

Luck/luck/luck: loonie (very very usefull with last great hero)



See subsequent posts why combining quiet magic x2 and subtle magic into a major virtue is a bad idea.
I wouldn't allow a character to take luck multiple times.
And the lame, clumsy and poor reputation well, sometimes characters are like that... So, what's the advantage of combining this into a major flaw?

Edited, because I misread this initially.

Would yoiu mind puting an example of the "multiple minors stacked" that you talk about (tired mind right now, it might be obvious). Take in mind that in quite a few cases the "packages" are NOT divisible and that is why they are a package. You must take the whole thing, not the bits and odds that you like and leave the others out. Making them Major also makes you unable to take other Major virtues in that category, and that is quite something, specially for Hermetic Virtues.


Since you can only have one major hermetic virtue, what would be the advantage to the player of combining the three minor virtues into a major virtue? I know that when I was considering making a mage with Holy Magic, the fact that she could take Quiet Magicx2 and Subtle Magic and mitigate a major disadvantage of Holy magic was very useful.

Strong Faerie Blood combines two minor virtues (Faerie Blood and Second Sight) with increased aging benefits similar too, but not identical too, the unaging virtue. Even SFB can't be connected to three extant virtues I think it demonstrates pretty clearly how one could create a major virtue from three minors. I'm actually working on something similar for an Ex Miscelanea at the moment, effectively a Strong Magical Blood which substitutes Dowsing for Second Sight and Magical Blood for Faerie Blood. It's admittedly a bit uninspired, but my attempt to create an Elemental Form virtue by tweaking the Nightwalker mechanics kept giving me a headache. :slight_smile:

Generally speaking there's little advantage over a single major virtue opposed to three minors, but if a major is required I think combining three related minors would pass muster in most groups.

In a quite recent post there is a diedne magic breakdown

And cartogriffi put another one. if you breakdown some majors you will see minors depending on the magnitude:

Secret : major or minor
For a some chars justify a secret as major or minor is not easy depending on the history. Many secrets are more than a minor less than a major (at least in our point of view) so in that cases we use to add a magnitude of that secret or put a second one that combined reach the major.

What i had in mind was upcoming flaws/virtues more that character creation

Although the ability to construct major flaws would affect character creation, as it could sneak you around the "only five minor flaws" rule.

Although I find the major flaws to be the most fun. :slight_smile:

Haven't thought about those 5 Minors, good point.

The main reason is that IMS the SG grant you V/F for your Behaviour/facts in special situations so your char can get true faith if you develop or a relic, as well as enemies, driven, dark secret or blatant gift.

The concept is that your V/F define your char but that not means that a trauma couldn't grant your knight a non-combatant flaw after lead a rally.

Or that a good behave take the atention of an angel/god and rewards you in some way.

Or even more posible a twiligth.

I think getting around the 5 minor flaws thing isn't so bad as long as you don't cherry pick to be less hindered about it. My magus is deficient in all elements, and has three other minor flaws (stockade parma, seeker, small frame). The deficiency in the elements is quite bad for a Mercurian mage, and is similar in power level to a major flaw and a bit (one technique would hinder 1/5th of all tech and form combinations, three forms hinder 3/10th, four hinder 2/5th). Of course you can minmax, but you shouldn't.