When does Training occur for Child Characters?

Probably a question with a super obvious answer, even an explicit one that I've managed to overlook, but I'm not actually clear on it. Normally characters have a number of seasons for working and a number for self-directed activity. For adults this is obviously their job which they gain Exposure from. But for child characters I'm less clear. Like say you have a craftsman's apprentice or similar, where the child's job is working as an assistant and learning the profession from experience. This, to my understanding, is a source of Training EXP. But that's weird, because what of the rest of the child's time that should ostensibly be self-directed free time? Should I assume they spend it on play or household chores and give Exposure from that, effectively giving such a character's player no control over how they use their seasons, or is the training part their working season too, letting children Practice or the like during their free seasons and accumulating way more EXP than standard?

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It's really up to the troupe what the child does with his "free" time. Some examples:
a) He runs around the local woods a lot (I'd take that as Practice for Area Lore, Survival, Athletics, possibly Swim).
b) He spends a lot of time singing and playing a small flute a kind relative has carved for him (Practice in Music).
c) He sneaks around a lot, spying on the adults (Practice for Stealth and Intrigue).
d) He bullies other children (Practice in Brawling and Leadership)
e) He spends all his time at the stables (Practice in Animal Handling)

the canon typica apprenticeship would be 2 seasons work (exposure experience) 1 season training, one season free. Assuming they were training in something where the master had an ability of 5 this would be 2 seasons at 2 xp and one season at 8, plus one free, meaning they get 12xp in 3 seasons, typically if they practice (presumably by playing- for example athletics, area lore or stealth can all be practiced with hide and seek) this would be 4-7(for area lore practice) xp in the last season which will put them over the standard 15 xp/year. On the other hand character creation rules explicitly state that you can get more experience by breaking things down into seasons, and in addition the experience gains can drop dramatically as an adult ( 2 seasons exposure 2 seasons practice is 12 xp/yr) so it will likely average to 15xp/yr in general.

C&G pretty much says exactly what silveroak said on page 44 (bottom-right) for a typical apprenticeship. For longer times, turn to the box on page 43.