When is your saga set?

I noticed while reading the "Which Tribunal is your Saga Set In" thread that several folks don't play in 1220, the canonical setting. We do. In fact, in the last three sagas we've started the game in Spring 1220. But this seems more an exception than a rule.

So, I ask the group, when is your saga set? If it isn't set in 1220, why?

Matt Ryan

Now, 1200 (starting date: we are at 1225).

Before, around 1170, and 980. Also a weird (read: all gruagach) short campaign in the highlands of scotland in 810-20. Why? Because there is a lot more history available in the official supplements if you set your saga earlier: you are not left clueless about what will happen in the supernatural and hermetic world. Otherwise, by the time the covenant is set up and you kn ow your immediate area environments and want to move to the BIG STUFF (TM) the storyline has surpassed the official setting and you are is much deeper water than what you intended.

Also, because that way you can play significant events in the history of the OoH. We had loads of fun with the tytali and schism wars.


My sgaa, set in 1140, is based on a Guardians of the Forest hook but in order to properly take advantage of it I decided to start the saga a bit earlier. The idea is to play through the Wendish Campaign, during which the pagan Wends were eradicated from Pomerania. The tribunal in 1220 contains the remnants of the pagans, with hooks particularly focusing on Rethra and Rugen. I simply put the saga ealier, to allow us to play through the events rather at their aftermath.

(I also altered the tribunal a bit to better fit the saga and date - e.g. Irencillia is now in the Harz whereas Crintera is now in Bohemia, and so on.)

IMC we started in 1060 and are now in 1090.

Its in the stonehenge tribunal so i wanted the players to be present for the Norman invasion.

We started play at 1153, following the civil war and the ascension of Henry the First. We've progressed up to 1164, and will go to at least 1170, though we all want to progress beyond there.


Our saga started on 1200.

The reason is that we play in the Iberian Tribunal. We wanted to have some stories around the Reconquest before the Christian kingdoms defeated the almoravids at the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, that will happen in 1212.

The main game I play in started in 1080AD, in the early years after the Norman Conquest. One of the early themes was the transition from Saxon to Norman rule, though the covenant's site near the Welsh border added an additional political dimension.

A dozen real years later, we've reached 1188AD. The pace of the game has slowed in recent times, so I guess it'll be another real year or two before we reach the official 1220AD start date. More details of our saga can be found here: http://www.sophist.talktalk.net/journal.htm.

We started in the 890 in the welsh campaign, because it grew out from a dnd campaign that had historical roots up until there, and now we play in 1039 in holland, I think because holland is more interesting and less developed in this era, and Arjun wants to do something close to the end of the schism war, but not close enough to be too dangerous.

First Saga started in 1205, ended in 1219
Second started in 1219 and went on untill 1246ish
A try was amde for a 1300 setting, isolated from most of the order, but it never came off the ground
Third started in 1249, after 3 sessions not much time has passed yet. We tend to do spin-offs, where the new sgaa takes up the thread after the old one stops, somewhere else and ans someone else. But using the events and NPCs during play as background.

Started in 1150 because I wanted the game to be close to the end of the Schism War and the founding of the Novgorod.

The idea is to explore the conflict between the Novgorod and its three neighboring tribunals, as well as see Barbarossa's reign begin and end, while Poland is fragmented reunited.

I started my Iberian game in 1197, as that was the old start date and I wanted to include Las Nova de Tolosa. My Ultima thule game started in 1200. Both those sagas idel at around 1250 now. But I am retconning and reusing old material, setting old characters back about thirty years (making them older and adjusting histories that is). I plan to set my new Iberia saga in 1220, keeping an eye towards events in Aragon-Catalonia and Valencia.

The one I play in must have started around 1200 and is now in 1228.
The one I run started in 1219 and has got 3 years in about 8 real time!

Has anyone got a list of famous hermetic figures throughout the time? I really need one, because now I do not even know my primus' name... I know the last one, but he resigned after the schism war, the next was not listed. It would have been better if they listed primi through the whole history of the order, and a brief description of what they did. It would only take a small sidebar to do so...

This thread needs a poll. I'm gonna make a poll-enabled one.

yay, poll, maybe in 50 year increments from about 950 to 1300 (dont know whether this is possible) and include an earlier than first date and a later than last date

Since these forums don't allow for enough options, I've made the poll else-where, here.

Pick the option closest to yours (events are only exemplars).

The poll doesn't follow your suggestion, Henricus - I'm thinking in bigger bites. You can make your own poll too, though :slight_smile:

Hmmm, that's a useful link. Thanks.


every 50 years isn't nearly as useful as the event-based you made

Yan, I don't know if your poll is editable, but simply for the sake of additional saga ideas I might suggest you add "outbreak of the Black Death" alongside " Hundred Years War" since that was perhaps an equally if not greater milestone in the first half of the 14th Century than the Hundred Years War.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Noneditable, I'm afraid.

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