When studying Jinn, which learning virtue applies?

Page 71 of The Cradle and the Crescent has:

Each individual jinni acts as the equivalent of a tractatus on a single appropriate Hermetic Form (typically an elemental Form for Magic jinn, Imaginem for Faerie jinn, and Vim for Infernal jinn), the Accelerated Ability Sihr and their aligned (Realm) Lore.

So, if a person studying a Jinn has both Apt Student (learning from a teacher), Book Learner (studying a text), and Free Study/Imaginitive Learner (studying vis) which, if any virtue applies?

Since it's similar to significatos, I'd say virtues applying to studying vis would apply, because studying significatos allows you to substitute the experience for vis.

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I've always gone with Apt Student - I've counted it as learning from a teacher, as the jinn imparts knowledge to you.


They're virtues. If the applicability condition applies, the virtue's mechanical benefits applies. So conceivably all virtues. I usually let the biggest benefit dominate instead of cumulative effects unless the virtues are complementary, e.g., teaching different aspects of the same subject rather than different methods to explain the same aspect of a subject.

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It's written a little differently in HoH:S.

A jinni who is in service for a season or more may be used as a source of knowledge on Sihr, the appropriate Hermetic Form, or either Faerie, Magic, or Infernal Lore (as appropriate). A jinni can only instruct a sahir once for each Ability or Art.


I would say it is teaching, and so teaching virtues apply. I read "instruction" as "teaching" in this context, but YMMV.