Where is the Domus Magna of House Jerbiton?

In the transition between 3rd and 4th edition, WotC produced the Houses of Hermes which conforms to a great degree to True Lineages, Mystery Cults, and Guardians of the Forest. However, in that it says that Valnastium, the Domus Magna of House Jerbiton, is in the Rhine. However I couldn't find it in Guardians of the Forest.

Any ideas where it is? Perhaps it changed?

Valnastium is in the Greater Alps... I think HoH is the only book that places it in the Rhine instead... Sanctuary of Ice describes the place.

In ArM 3rd edition (I'm not sure, this is from memory...) Valnastium was described as being in the Rhine, which was problematic, because the accompanying map showed it in the Greater Alps. It was in the Greater Alps in 2nd edition, and so when I was writing SoI for 4th, I just assumed the map was right and the text was wrong. I ran it past Damelon, who was my first editior on that, and then the others went along with it as they picked up the manuscript, so I don't think it was a big deal.

I do feel it works better this way. It means House Jerbiton has space to be something a bit different to House Tytalus, which has similar concerns about meddling with, well, everyone, but is in Normandy, which is full of Normans: aka "those guys who invaded everything from Sweden to Sicily".

I'd like to conform that it's in the Alps for 5th edition, although I'm not sure if I saw that in a published book or as a note in an unpublished book. I know it's in "Covenants", but the sites mentioned in "Covenants" are listed as non-definitive.

Great, thanks all. I'm designing a Winter civenant that my players will be joining, and one of the elder magi is a Jerbiton and I needed to know his Domus Magna, that was when I discovered that it's supposed to be in the Rhine according to the one source I had.

Thanks, let me know if anyone needs a pre-made 97 year old Jerbiton with a specialty in Enchanting Music.

Others covenants have moved through the editions as well. I think Durenmar was described as being in the Black Forest in OoH Ars 2nd edition, but in 3rd they placed it on the North Coast. Guardians has given it a location that I like a lot.

When players noticed these descrepancies and asked me why they changed locations I used to shrug and say, "Sometimes covenants move." As if the feat would be easy for the great masters of the Order.

Our campaign has also had Tribunal boundaries disputed. Mainly concerning who has claims to Vis, but such disputes could make both borders 'cannon' as they are both true depending on who you talk to. I've always found it fun to take the material that didn't make sense in Ars and explain it via story telling rather than just fix it. It adds a level complexity to the game. Have fun!

This is just the sort of thing we'd like for the Camera Mysteriorum at SHR. Please feel free to submit his to us if you like!

You got it. Right now I'm making an old Criamon Magus on the Path of Strife, I'll be happy to submit them both when I'm done.

OK just submitted them both, enjoy!