Where's UA?

Surfing the boards and I can't find Unknown Armies.

Am I missing it or is it gone?

Happy Holidays!

Is this it?

Nope. UA had a thread just like Ars Magica and Feng Shui did.

I swear it was under "Games". I still play UA and I look in occasionally. It appears to be gone.


It is the thread. It's named changed though. I swear it was called "Unknown Armies", just like Ars is "Ars Magica".

I guess UA is now an "Other".

To bad. :frowning:

That's weird; I'm pretty sure that UA did used to have a forum here. I'll drop Michelle and Wendy a line and ask what's up.

Hi there! Sorry for the confusion ... I was doing some forum cleaning the other day and moved the Unknown Armies threads into the "Other Atlas RPGs" forum. Not to worry, you can find them all safe and sound there. :slight_smile: