Which debate mechanics do you use?

Which debate mechanics do you tend to use in your games?

  • The complex debate mechanics adapted from Dynasties and Demagogues, downloadable from the Atlas website
  • The "certamen like" debate mechanics from Houses of Hermes: Societates
  • Just an opposed skill roll
  • Homebrew mechanics (please share!)
  • Debate is never resolved through dice rolling - always through roleplaying!

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The subject says it all. I was wondering what are your favourite debate rules, i.e. the favourite mechanics that model debate in your games when you actually do use mechanics instead of simply roleplaying it out. As far as I know, the "standard" options are:

  1. A simple, opposed skill roll.
  2. The somewhat more complex "certamen like" rules in Societates.
  3. The baroque, but beautiful rules adapted from Dynasties and Demagogues that have been available as a free download from Atlas website for quite some time.

Of course, you might also have your own homebrew rules.
In general, if you use multiple ones, reserving more complex ones for debates of greater importance, and simpler ones for minor points in the story, you should vote for the most complex ones you tend to use with some frequency.

My, soon to be ex, troupe only does things through roleplaying.

Which can be really annoying when a guy with a com -2 and pres -2 decides to roleplay like his stats aren't that bad and the storyteller doesn't catch it. And when a Com +2 and Pres + 2 character's player is having on off day.