which form for shapeshifter ?

Hi there,

On of my character has an apprentice with the surnatural virtue "shapeshifter" and a familiar with the same. The familiar is a cat who can change on human and the apprentice is slightly the opposite, a human who can shapeshift in a cat.

I'm asked about the form useful to affect each of them in function of their forms.

May I use "Animal" if they are both on cat form and "Corpus" when they are on human form ? Or that's stay "animal" for the familiar and "corpus" for the apprentice ?

Thanks you ^^

When they are in changed shape, both the Animal and Corpus forms will work on them. When in their natural forms, only Animal and Corpus respectively will work on them.
(See HoH:MC p22 for differences between various shapechange options)

hum. Nice.

so I can develop only one spell to affect both and not need to create 2 versions each time.

Mind the range, but otherwise you should be good.