Whimsy Cards Kickstarter


There's an ongoing Kickstarter, primarily for White Wolf's Storypath cards, but which also offers Whimsy Cards:


I'm sorry if this is spam or commercial or something, but I got happy enough to see the Kickstarter that I thought maybe you would be, too.

In spite of this, I haven't backed it yet - I'm not sure whether I want the Storypath cards as well. I'm fairly sure the Deck100 is useless, and that I want the Whimsy Cards, but I'm hesitating over buying the "main thing" of the Kickstarter. Any thoughts on Storypath cards? Or a comparison to Whimsy Cards?

Valete, Titus.

There's about 58 hours left, but one option is for only a deck of Whimsy cards for $12. I totally signed up for one.


What the hey, I got on board and committed myself for a set Whimsy cards cards as well. I've been curious about those since I bought 2nd ed Ars Magica in 1990.
12 hours left now. Of the $1.000 needed the project has over $20.000 now.

Couldn't help but participate at the Whimsy Cards deck level.