Who needs to buy lab equipment?

Hi all, in Covenants there is a spell to create lab equipment -

The Laboratory of Bonisagus
R:T D:M T:G (Ritual)
Req Vim
base 5, +5 complex

for a total of 45 (9 pawns of vis)

Now, how about if you draw a large circle around your lab, and create a Ring variant? This comes to a total of 55, which would be a ritual. But what if you enchanted this as an effect into the ring? On command it would create the items in the ring and maintain them until the ring was broken?

After each lab explosion, you just command the ring to start again - all for 6 pawns of vis. The drawback is that you cannot "add" new equipment to the effect, it will always create the same lab, whereas with a spell you might be able to vary it slightly each time.

Hmmm, no warping? At least on the results i'd say!

Active spells add warping scores to laboratories. So while your ring circle lab of Bonisagus spell would function, the lab created by it would regularly produce weird effects.

Your average ring spell is a constant effect rather than an effect that you can trigger at will. I don't think that this is quite the effect that you're looking for...

Now if you had an invested Rego effect to repair all of your equipment (and enough finesse to pull it off), then you may have something. :wink:

Sit vis vobiscum,


Think of it from a flavour sense too. Items that are part of an ongoing magical effect are going to have differences in their magical properties to items that are platonic ideals (i.e. created with creo).

The effect this might have on your magic is potentially tremendous, instead of cutting the herbs with a knife of purest silver, you are cutting the herbs with a magical construct that obeys some of the laws governing silver but not others.

This is why permanent spells raise warping scores for your lab. Its a bad idea usually. Of course if you are really pressed for cash, go for it.