Wierd Magic Botch Examples?

Do you have any examples of the kinds of botches the Weird Magic Flaw have caused in your campaigns? Do you tend to have a specific theme around weird magic you can illustrate? Let your creativity flow, I'm looking for some inspiration.


We had a Pilum of Fire get stuck and keep burning for a few days until the player (who had Deficient Perdo) could finally get one of the other mages to come extinquish it. It survived water, sand and resisted his Muto/rego spells.

Similar idea, a mind control spell could hit the target, but the target also keeps forgetting who the person controlling them was.

A mystical tether is visible between the caster and the spell for the duration of the spell.


A botched spell that turns your opponent into a fish instead turns your opponent into a mermaid wannabe?

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I don't have any from Ars Magica, but some from the Wild Mage in my AD&D 2e campaign (currently on hiatus):

Mage casts a Sleep spell to knock out guards they're trying to rescue a kidnap victim from. He instead got a Fireball centered where the Sleep spell was supposed to be. Almost killed the one they were trying to rescue.

Sometimes small gems (real and permanent, of low value) would shoot out of his fingertips instead of a spell effect.

When levitating a ranger and her dog down a vertical ladder in a mine shaft, he got Invisibility spells on both of them as a side effect of the Levitate casting.

Once before that, he started levitating after successfully casting a different spell, and might have gone into orbit but for quick reaction of his comrades. They tied a rope around his ankle and took him home like a child's balloon.

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