Wild Kingdom, Andorra Edition (Summer 1245)

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As you soar through the sky, Maurice chuckles as he randomly remembers a past event.
This reminds me of the time I gave a few Andorra magi a ride to the Arc of Fire, just off the coast of Sicily. That was just after I learned how to fly, but before I learned to shapeshift. At the moment I can't remember what the quest was or the bargain we made, but it worked out well
As you approach your desitination, the scene is one of mass combat. A dozen or more pikemen lie dead in burning flames. A bishop, guarded by soldiers, is reciting something from a book (probably a bible). A battered knight faces a deadly beast, his sword crackles with thunder and the symbol of House Flambeau can be seen on the dressing of his dead horse.
Venkath, the vicious, snarls in rage. A few broken spears are lodged in his hide. He roars a gout of flame, which showers the knight-magus, but washes over his parma.

Maurice bristles in rage, and dives down towards the bishop with a roar.

Make a roll to keep hanging on. Str or Dex plus Riding or Athletics. Or whatever. I am only requiring a 6 or better.

1D10+1 => (5 + 1) = 6

Ikelos wants to yell as he barely hangs on to the back. All he is thinking now is that he does not want the Bishop to see them.

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Marcellus Dex 1 + Athletics 3 + Perfect Balance 3 + stress die 4 = 11.

(How does one post the link to the die roll from rolz?)

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Still need a check for The Woad. I am reasonably sure he will make it or fall safely. The matter at had is how you guys react to the situation. Maurice is about to kill this bishop. Are you going to let that happen? Are you going to try to prevent it, or help with it? And what of this Flambeau mage-knight? He seems to be holding his own against Venkath. It would be unlawful to take him out of course. But if you don't care, though he may be more powerful than any one of you, you outnumber him. This is a really sticky situation.

As a side note, you have crossed the border of Ordino Parish Andorra, and are now in France. Provencal Tribunal Jurisdiction.

Marcellus is looking for a way to disengage from the coming fight. He does not want to fight for either side. Here's why.

On the one hand he suspects that Venkath's actions (he's been described by other magi and his brothers as a traditionnal drake that preys on humans) probably triggered the attack, so he's probably just getting what's coming to him. The Code alsoprevents Marcellus from acting against the Church so blatantly, and even more against another magus.

On the other hand dragons are creatures of the wild and deserve a chance to live in peace. He doesn't want to fight either Maurice or Venkath. And things may not be as they appear.

So he will try to cast Rise of the Feathery Body to float down from Maurice's back before he (edit: Maurice) joins the fight against the bishop's party.

Concentration roll of 6 + Concentration 2 + Int 3 = 11
Casting roll of 8 + 6 = 14 (no fatigue)

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OOC: Sorry, I’ve been off for a while. I’ve been a little ill and there are outbreaks of Covid in my daughter’s class. We’ve all been tested and all negative though. All good.

The Woad rolls 9 (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=238317 )+ 3 (Str) + 3 ( Athletics) = 15 . So plenty.

The Woad must wait until they land, he has no fancy tricks here.
Unless cast into the battle, the Woad won’t charge into something he doesn’t know the story of.

However he’ll try to get the attention of everybody by shouting “STOP, MY FRIENDS” in Latin and as loud as possible. By Mundane means though, he can’t cast Creo Imaginem to save his life.


Been a busy weekend. I will catch up soon!

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The scene is one of chaos and confusion:
Marcellus lands to intercept Maurice and stand between the drake and the bishop.
Maurice lands, breaking off his intended attack, wisps of fire emitting from between his teeth.
Ikelos and The Woad???

The mage knight is distracted. Venkath goes to pounce for the killing blow!
Edith fast casts her signature spell and rescues him (hand wave plot device).
They appear next to the bishop, on the other side of him than Marcellus.

New round. What do you do?

The Woad leaps off Maurice's back, once it's sufficiently close to the ground and not suicidal.

I assume some kind of roll is apporpriate
...a 10 I interpret as an 0. A potential Botch. Sigh! :wink:

I assume 5 Botch dice (leaping off a flying dragon)
no further 0s

Dex(2) + Athletics(3) = 5. Not impressive, I assume the Woad is inelegant and hurt. But with his Soak I think he survives. We were going to speak with a dragon, flying there on the back of another one. I'm counting on his Stoneskin power having been activated.

He intended to yell (in Latin):
Truce! Please, let us talk and resolve the situation
But that won't be until he climbs up from the man-shaped crater he makes in the ground.
So let's see if his timing is right, or if anyone listens.

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Ikelos falls off Maurice as he lands and attempts to cast Veil of Invisibility(20) on himself( quite and subtle)
cast Veil of Invisibility: 1D10+17 = [2]+17 = 19

All the excitement has left him a bit flustered so it was not his best effort.( - 1 fatigue level)

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(OOC Not what Marcellus intended, so his positioning is entirely accidental.)

Bewildered about landing between the hostile parties, Marcellus raises his hands non-threateningly on each side, his head whipping from the dragon to the bishop. "PLEASE! Please! Calm down everyone!" He's trying to gauge each side, ready to jump away if they decide to rush towards each other and resume combat.

(Rolled on his Brave personality trait: die 8 + 1 = 9)

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Everything comes to a dramatic halt. Not because of any successful plea, but because of sheer surprise. Both drakes have their hackles up. Marcellus stands between the bishop and Maurice. The Woad climbs out of a hole between Venkath and the mage-knight of Flambeau. Venkath flexes, and the spears & arrows pop out of his hide. Ikelos is wandering around somewhere.
I hand the turn back to you guys :smiley:

Marcellus licks his dry lips, at a loss as to what to say and rightfully nervous about his exposed position and the very real possibility that violence will resume all around him. If not over his bloody trampled body. Everything will work out is what crosses his mind.

"Please, let us work this out without further violence. Err... hmmm. Hear me out! Talk to me! What is the problem here?"

He obviously has no idea of what to say, but just as obviously a threat to no one. That, by itself, may help defuse further violence. Will it be enough?

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The Woad takes a relieved breath of air, and moves non-threateningly to Marcellus' side, his spear held casually, like man carrying a mug of ale at a tavern.
But he is at a total loss of words just now, and wait a bit before speaking. In this situation even 30 seconds seems like a long time.

The bishop shakes his head and throws his arms up in the air.
Are you daft?!? This is the dragon that has terrorized ValDuBosque for more than a generation. We tracked him for many leagues and found his lair. And then you two show up riding another dragon and are all like "oh, wow, what's with the hassle man?".
The bishop waves his hand at Marcellus, muttering in Latin.
Intellgo Mentum!
Nothing happens...
Magic Resistant. You are a magus?
I am Philipius filius Crinos of Gurnicus. My associate is Joaquin filius Estaban of Flambeau. We hail from the Covenant of Mistridge, here in Procencal.
Whence came you?

In that case: Salvate Sodalibus. The Woad is my name, of House Flambeau. We are recent arrivals to the proud covenant of Andorra. Being from Hibernia, the Woad has great respect for feuds, and believes a magus should be allowed to follow through. But he also believes a great deal in treaties, so a feud does not turn sour or have unforseen consequences.
The Woad implores both sides to respect the temporary truce we seem to have struck, and take part in this treaty. Among ourselves, we as magi have great power, which grants rights and with it also responsibilities, in order for us to exist as an order.
Now, the covenant of Andorra has a treaty and an ongoing diplomatic relationship with these magificant dragons. And they are involved in a case we are currently investigating, of great magical interest to Andorra. It is of the Woad's belief, that a continued conflict right now with the dragons will escalate things and therefor ruin our own chances of solving the magical affair.
That being said, the Woad would like to have elaborated upon the nature of this terrorization of ValDuBosque you speak of. Sadly the Woad's knowledge of local geography does not allow him to gauge which of the two covenants are closest to this place. But dragons are native to this area, and we need to see the situation with regards to both how it affects the local balance of power as well as what consequences for the magical interests of either covenant the different outcomes have.
What say you?

You are in our jurisdiction lads. This is Provence, not Andorra.
Your calls for respect and truce, they ring hollow. You see us, fighting a dragon, then you swoop down on another dragon, using kind words to disguise your intimidation and demands.

The mage knight keeps his guard up and is facing off against Venkath.
Hey Phil! Maybe we should stage a retreat. With Fritz down, we are barely holding our own against the one dragon. Let alone a second dragon and two reogue wizards. I am not in the mood for Crtamen. We can loge a formall complaint and maybe Wizard War them later.

In reference to Fritz, there is a third magus face down in the dirt you had not noticed earlier. No way to tell what shape he is in.