Willow and Fox

Hi!, I am an Italian guy, the first thing I want to say is "forgive me for my poor use of the language :blush: "

After that, I want to say that I love Feng Shui, but I have some problem and here in Italy is very difficult to find many people who play the game, so I came here, well, the problem is: Can I use Willow Step and Fox's Retreat for take +7 in dodge? (my players belive only in power :cry: :imp: :wink: )

Thank you to everyone

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The fast answer is, no, you can't, because you can't activate two schticks during the same Shot.

(And they both only last for one shot each, so by the time you used one and were ready to use the other on your next turn, the first one would be finished.)

Thank You, for me it was obvious, but my player are so boring :wink:

Well, I can say that is "Buon giorno", but if you start to correct my language we can stay here for eons( :cry: ), so thank you again, and remember: The Italian is watching you! :smiley:

(I'll study the language, I promise!!!!!)

Note, however, that you can combine Willow Step with an active dodge for a +5 DV.

There is nothing in the rulebook that explicitly forbids multiple schticks from being used on the same shot, but in order to make Integration of the Clouds even remotely useful, most GMs try and limit you to one schtick per shot. But on the other hand... if you can come up with a really creative and bitchin' description of how to combine multiple schticks into an interesting attack, I'd probably allow it. (Golden Comeback has rules on how to combine different types of schticks, such as Sorcery+Gun.)

Because some schticks aren't explicitly offensive or defensive, I've seen some GMs say they allow up to three schticks to be activated on a single shot: one offensive schtick, one defensive schtick, and one non-combat schtick.

For example:

On one shot, an old master might use Coil of the Snake to attack an opponent (offensive schtick), who counterattacks with Tiger Stance. Still on the same shot, the old master decides to Willow Step (defensive) the Tiger Stance attack, and also wants to use Abundant Leap (non-combat) as an active dodge to jump out of the way.

The essential headache with using multiple schticks on the same shot are those schticks that cost 0 shots to use... it's just not clear from the rules if these can be combined on the same shot with other schticks. So as a GM you can either tell your players flat-out "only one schtick per shot", or you can adjudicate them as they come up based on the coolness of how they're being described.

I don't have a book in front of me, but the problem schticks that you may need to watch out for:

Willow Step
Breath of the Dragon
Tiger Stance
Unyielding Tiger Stance
Coil of the Snake
Rain of Fury

I see.... I think that for me the rule: "With a stunt everything is possible, but the stunt must be wonderfull" is a good rule 8) , but I must think about the "0 shot" schticks, in alternative:

This sound pretty well to me, and solve many problems (like my player with +9 dodge :open_mouth: ).