Winter 1221, Chapter 4: Epilogue

Five seasons in seven years is the covenant service requirement for full members; provisional members owe three seasons' service during the two year period of their provisional status.

Liliana does insist that Sinmore's destruction of Maribus' memoirs actively counteracted any good she may have done by reading it, and insists that the season spent reading his journal does not apply towards Sinmore's covenant service. Thus she still owes three seasons service which have to be completed within the next five seasons.

OK, will add 12 vis to the stocks. 10 from what Aequi pulled, and two because I'd charged us 8 pawns for a lv 40 Aegis cast by a Mercere.

Sophronia did already arrive in winter 1221 (which is the first season of 1221) and she brought a huge stock of vis with her, with which she paid off the covenant's debt to House Mercere. She also brought an enormous amount of silver that she used to pay the covenant's levies to the Baron de Montalt, which he'd upped to 350 pounds this year.

You may want to speak to the Baron and try to get your taxes renegotiated.

It does not take any time to get adjusted to a lab you served your apprenticeship in. Lamentus' lab is Size +2, and is outfitted with Flawless Equipment and Superior Tools. He had a Greater Feature that specialized the lab to Mentem, but apparently Cedric didn't write down what the feature was, so you get to pick :slight_smile:

His lab is in the second basement of the tower, deep underground and thus with no windows. He had fitted it with ventilation pipes so you don't have to worry about asphyxiation. Will PM you more information about what's in his lab.

Aulus of Bonisagus replies that he regretfully does not think Shmuel would adjust to a life as a Trianoman. Maximianus does not reply to Aequi's letter at all.

Also, while a Bonisagus is the only magus who can take an apprentice from someone else, there's no prohibition against who can appropriate an apprentice after a parens' death or passage into Final Twilight.


Sinmore accepts the judgment stoically and asks only that she be allowed to finish the spell meant to heal someone of her size before she begins service.

Suggestions on Covenant service? Sinmore's pretty good at blowing stuff up.

The charter only allows for extensions on covenant service in the event of Twilight episodes, regio detention, or other unavoidable distractions.

As for suggestions-- she could try making items for covenant defense.