Winter 1221, Chp 4: The Search for Maribus / Wrath of Sanno

At the end of autumn, Liliana calls a general council meeting to discuss searching for Maribus.

Sanno is present, looking withdrawn but recuperating. There are bags under his eyes but he no longer has to be force fed. Sanno abruptly starts the discussion by perching on the table before Sinmore. "Did you find anything useful in his journal? Where do we go, where do we look?"

When the otter scampers forward on the table to address the group Sinmore gasps with surprise and pleasure.

"How delightful!" she exclaims and seems about to reach forward and pet the familiar of Maribus. Of course she'd read plenty about the familiar, but had never seen him in the flesh. She stops though as she looks about the room. This is not the time for such girlish antics. "Ahem!" she coughs and ammends her expression to one of more seriousness. "Well...I read Maribus's journal, an interesting and well travelled Magus. Based on what I read I have suspicions on who did this as well as where Maribus may have been heading. Lake Vrnwyr seems to be his destination. As to who...Leona is someone he mentions often in his book, her history is...suspect. If this is who I think it is...then I owe her for more than his death." She says as she pats her waist where claws left a deep scar as well as several long gaps in her memories and strange footprints in her Sanctum.

After saying her piece she looks shyly over to the otter and slowly extends her great paw of a right hand towards his head. "May I?" she asks.

The otter makes an obscene gesture with his hips. "Not unless you're gonna spread your legs for me."

Attravere notes that this is the first time since Sanno's bond with Maribus has been severed, that the otter has made a lascivious comment. :slight_smile:

Sinmore scowls and pulls her hand back. "I think not." she growls. The talking otter is not so cute any more.

"If I remember correctly, Leona also had a Lab in the Woods, although Redcap William stated it was guarded by polecats, and an untraceable route, and Lilliana's a faerie, although I don't really believe that, and the only way to get to Leona's lab is to be on good terms with the local Faerie court." Aequi seems to breathe for a moment. "I thought about trying to find it but realized I got lost in thoughts just trying to trace my way back. The easiest way through an unknown path is just to know you've already found the way out, and walk backwards through your future steps to the exit, you know." Swinging toward Maga Sinmore, "Is Lake Vrnwyr anywhere near Llewelyn ap Iorwerth's forces? It'd be a pity to be sidetracked by any of King Henry's opposition, if Joan of Snowden's plans have actually progessed so far." He looks down at his fingernails and starts muttering, "Or covenfolk. Easy to move aside during festival once but not so easy to get your yellow robes as clean in the future, you know. Note to self - if any are still injured, need to see if they'd accept some minor healing help. Need to check with Chayyim." He looks back up at Sanno and shakes himself from his meanderings, "But finding Maribus and the one responsible is leagues more important."

"So we know Leano has a lab that is...difficult to find. She also roams a bit no doubt. Our first encounter with her, she seemed to be with a group of bandits and waylaid us as we ventured out to get vis. She is powerful. Spells shed from her Parma like water from a duck's back. And her claws cut deep. We'll want stout guards and if possible Arcane Connections. We should root through Maribus's lab, perhaps we can find one there, or if anyone else has an idea on where to find one?"

Sanno stamps a paw. "Whoa there. First you say he went to Llyn Efyrnwy, then you try to mount up an offensive against Leona? Pursue your personal vendettas on your own time, this council meeting is to find Maribus."

He turns to address the whole council. "I know the lake really well, it's the best spot for brown trout for leagues around. It's a little weird, there's a maga who lives there, and the aura there feels funny. Fastest way there is to go up Afon Dyfrdwy all the way to the south end of Llyn Tegid, and from there it's less than three leagues overland to the northwestern tip of Llyn Efyrnwy. If you find a boat big enough for all of you, I can tow you upriver and we can make it there in less than a day. Can we leave at dawn?"

((If anyone has Welsh area lore, feel free to use invisible castle to check Sanno's directions.))

Iapetus will sit forwards, letting his eyes study the otter for a moment before speaking up. He had been holding himself back due to his status as a provisionary, but he finally lets his voice be heard. "I certainly have no desire to mount any offensives. I am more than happy to give my own support to this venture if it is allowed. As much as I would love to be considered a brilliant magus, I personally can't stand staying cooped up in a laboratory for too long. I need to get out and wave my bravado around like it was attached to something." The magus looks Sanno over again at the offer to tow a big boat... and he smiles. "Though I would suggest two or three days to make sure everyone's got ample time to prepare. I don't know how many of us keep their packs ready for a questing at all times, as I do."

[size=85](My only possibly applicable skill is Stonehenge Tribunal Lore, which is likely too general.)[/size]

"Beg pardon Sanno...the reason I mentioned Leona was that it seemed she was the suspect and we were talking of where she might be found. So there is a different maga at that lake? It that is so, then since Maribus wrote so much of the lake in his journals, we should head there. Forgive me if my...vendetta intruded, it seemed that the two were going to meet."

"Leona would never hurt Maribus. Never. Maribus never had any suspicions about her reputation. He only ever wanted to protect her.

"The maga who lives at the lake is really reclusive. The only ones who know her identity are the Mercere who deliver her mail... and uhh, we're well paid not to divulge anything about her. Might be she's seen something, or knows something. But if anyone's going to talk to her... well, if me and 'Trav go talk to her, it might hurt our House's relations with her. But then, she might not talk to the rest of you. I guess it's a gamble."

Sanno turns to Iapetus. "Many might not keep their packs prepared for travel like you do, but for everyone else, there's Stefan. We should be able to leave at dawn without anyone forgetting anything. Time is of the essence."

The Spaniard leans back against his chair and nods to Sanno. "I am most impressed with Stefan. I believe we can seize the time as needed, then."

Area Lore: Wales: 5 + roll of 6 = 11 (12 if it's a faerie area)

Yep, his directions are accurate, but the timing sounds exceptionally fast to you. If he can haul a boat full of magi upriver, that far, that fast, he'd be seriously truckin'.

Sanno's impressive. Rhodri has no reason to doubt him and so says nothing about it. "Just let me know when you are leaving. I will be there."

The next morning, the magi arrive at the marsh docks to see a small sailing skiff, just finished being packed up under Stefan's direction.

Sanno is eager to leave, though he wakes Attravere with a tray full of honeycakes he "negotiated" from Durenmar.

The ship will accommodate all the magi comfortably (though not overnight). Is anyone bringing grogs (or a companion) aling?

We could bring Erik Thunarrson the shipwright as a guide, his area lore and Wilderness Sense could be useful. Plus his specialty is fishing spots, which is basically where we're going. Of course he might be superfluous with Sanno.

Iapetus is likely showing up quite early (though clearly not as early as the hardworking Stefan or his aids). The Tytalus is quite happy to chat with Stefan in Spanish, and even help with the loading if the hands are needed and he isn't going to be in the way.
"Ah, Stefan," he says in his native tongue. "You work is looking excellent as always I see. What have you prepared for us today?" He pauses and shakes his head, interrupting himself. "No, no, I am getting in the way here. You are hard at work. Do not mind me."

Iapetus is carrying his usual travelling kit, a pack, some requisitioned rope, his armor and weapons. He almost looks like he's not a magus in his gear, or perhaps more like a militus Flambeaux. Though he clearly doesn't carry the typical Flambeaux dislike of the moors, as his delight to interact with Stefan shows.

Sinmore arrives with the morning sun, wearing her armour and carrying strapped to her back, her new 'Little Sister' recently forged by Rhodri. She carries a rucks sack as well with some food and a bedroll packed in it.

"Morning to ye!" she announces. "A fine start to the day, maybe towards its end some hot blood can be settled!"

Rhodri is there for the boat ride, armed in expectation of conflict.

"Oh.... OH! Delightful!" Attravere will exclaim, rather groggily upon recognizing the honeycakes.

Upon making himself presentable in his Redcap attire he'll greet each of the Magi as they show up to the dock outside.

"Excellent of you to join us, Magus Aurelius."

Attravere will have prepared a change of clothes in his pack and some corpus vis for utility purposes. Before they go off he'll notify Parsifal of his destination and purpose, just in case.