Winter 1221, Chp 4: The Search for Maribus / Wrath of Sanno

"Actually, Maribus is the name of another. He was a friend of Leona's. We are trying to find him or find out what happened to him."

"I never knew any of her friends, besides the beasts who ran with her. I am sorry I cannot help. Will you still stay for supper? This mutton stew is nearly ready, and there is plenty for all of us."

Stepping forward a little from his spot in the back of the troupe.

"Er, do you know any of the, uh... beasts who ran with her?" Attravere inquires while thinking of the times Maribus had changed forms.

"There was a bear, a gyrfalcon, and a wolf."

Sinmore continues stroking and scratching the animal on her lap but her ears and hackles raise when the subject of Leona is brought up. "Leona had a way with beasts and helped this one with his curse? There were others as well?"

Iapetus hums softly to himself, listening to them talk of Leona and her beast friends. The Tytalus gives his head a shake, listening, though his gaze seems to fall on the massive raccoon. When Sinmore seems to 'perk' up at Leona's name, Iapetus will raise his eyebrows as he watches her, curious of her reaction of hatred towards her. "Perhaps you would be able to glean insight from that fact," he says as an aside to Attravere. Then, a little louder, "I believe it would be rude to turn down such hospitality. Though I must apologize, as all scholars are brimming with questions, and we likely will be wanting to ask more."

"I confess, Bosley is the only werebeast I know. In truth, I did not believe they existed until I saw it for myself.

"But her way with beasts-- it was all beasts, not simply were-creatures. Birds would come land on her shoulders and sing to her, with no fear of the predatorial creatures near her. My ravens responded to her in a way they never have to me, and I raised them from chicks and trained them to carry messages. I saw a squirrel run up and offer her a nut, in the dead of winter. She was truly a sight to behold."

The old man serves out the stew in large wooden bowls. "Hot stew will make conversation better. I apologize that I can offer only water to drink, and no ale."

"Thank you for your hospitality." Once they are back to conversing and assuming Rhodri doesn't die to some sort of poison :imp: he will ask, "Could you tell us about the various little islands here?"

"The islands?" The old man shrugs. "I don't know anything about boats, and my eyesight is not as it was in my youth. I would expect they're probably fishermen living out there, though. Else how could they sustain themselves with homes so isolated?"

Sinmore carefully adjusts the raccoon on her lap so she can dig into the hearty looking stew. "I understand the fishing around here is excellent. Do you often have visitors come abouts for fishing?"

"I would imagine so. I see men out here at all times of the year, with rods and nets."

Not being any sort of a diplomat, Rhodri is done investigating here. He'll engage in some polite conversation and enjoy his meal. But basically he's just waiting until the others are ready to move on.

"Maribus too? He engaged in fishing quite a bit. Did ye ever see him?" she pauses a moment as a thought occurs to her. "Ye may have answered this by and by ye ever recall the bell ring when Maribus was on the bridge?"

"Again, miss, I do not know the man you speak of, so I have no way to know whether I've ever seen him or not. As for your second question, today was the first time the bell had rung for anyone besides Bosley."

Iapetus hums softly. "You have given us a fair delight of things to think about. You know us scholars do love to study secrets and mysteries. Our main task, however, is to seek the trail of Maribus." The Spaniard seems to enjoy the stew, though his gaze does shift over to where the raccoon is in Sinmore's lap, studying the beast/person with curiousity. "I admit I am curious as the bell, and would enjoy a chance to study it sometime, but I believe for now we have more pressing matters." He gives a smile to the raccoon, then to Sinmore, before returning his attention to their host. "Tell me, what did Leona look like? And were there any distinctive markings on the animals who travelled with her?"

"Leona was a lovely woman. Not very tall, but held herself in a stately manner which made her seem greater than her modest height. She had long hair, so blond it was nearly silver, and eyes green as spring. She always dressed in bright spring green colours that brought out her eyes.

"Her beasts were unmistakable. The bear was a great white creature-- large and lumbering, but he could move quick as a lightning strike. The bird was likewise white colouring, with brown markings. The wolf had a pale grey coat. Any markings beyond that, I couldn't say."

((There is a great white polar bear who hangs around the turb at the covenant, by the way.))

((If y'all are done with this scenario, what do you do when you take your leave of Bowen? It is night when dinner is finished. He does offer the warmth of his fire for the night if you wish to stay and resume investigating in the morning.

Where do you go next?))

((Done here for the most part, though staying the night wouldn't be bad. I'd like Sinmore to go back through her memories of any specific places mentioned in this area from Maribus's notes and maybe investigate those in the morning. Barring that, since Maribus was such a fishing expert, having Sanno, also an expert no doubt, find some good fishing spots might turn up a clue. Sinmore no longer thinks Leona caused this, but she might know more about it))

Maribus' favourite spot was a small dock on the south end of the lake.

In the summer he would fish at spot somewhere on the west side, where there was a very deep pool in which the fish like to hide from the summer heat.