Wirth of Flambeau (development)

Some updates!

Wirth is finished (I'd like to add more to his background, but, well, time). I am still doing his mustering, but that's all. He'll have high-quality gauntlet, armor and shield, + some items (to communicate with and entertain his family)

I've had Clara, and his Pater, Hugues of Flambeau, quickly updated. Both were first developped (back in Novus Mane) and updated 10 years closer to RAW than the Andorra rules, which is something I like: Clara because she mostly has free time and does nothing (so little XP), Hugues to show the contrast between the average order magus and the PCs (and Andorra exceptionnal conditions, making it a highly-sought covenant).

On Hugues, I like him, and I think you'll, too, Marko. I had him take resistance masteries in a lot of common spells, and he can strike with Fire, Cold or Steel.

I thought Wirth was he filius of Impara. Alternate reality?

Nope, just an error: I had skipped Hugues when redoing Wirth, so a generationwas lacking, I rediscovered him when updating the background.