Write an adventure for Sub Rosa

Hi all,

I've extended the date for submissions for contributions to Sub Rosa. Issue 6 is focusing on adventures, and all submissions will go into the running to win an Ars Magica supplement.

Whether it's your first time or if you're an old hand, send me a pitch (subrosa@pointlessmentalcruelty.com). The deadline is Friday 30 October.

Check here for more details: subrosamagazine.org/?p=478

Contribution guidelines are here: subrosamagazine.org/?page_id=9



I know I'm doing some necromancy on this thread, but do you know when this issue (with the adventures from the contest) will be published?

I had hoped this thread would breathe some life back into Alex.

Any chance of a heads up on the next issue?

I've ping'd Alex as well and will see if I can catch up with him...


Any updates on this one yet?

Show of hands if you think the mothership came to take Alex back home!

waves emphatically

I've contacted Alex and we're working on pushing the issue forward...I'll update as possible!


ASAP as you get uyp the "buy 4 issues" package I will jump right in. I am still craving to read issue 5 because of that....


For the most part, I help out Alex as a volunteer, so I don't have any say on points like that but I'll pass it along. :slight_smile:


Do we know what the problem is? As in, is there a content shortfall or the massive job of editing & compilation?

I think it's more the case that Alex is insanely busy with real-life commitments of the kind that put food on the table and right the wrongs of the world (or somewhere in between).

He did suggest that he'd be looking for more assistance going forward, but that was while issue 6 was being prepped (I think) so I didn't want to brow-beat him. Once this issue is done and dusted I'm sure he'll be able to take stock.

Hi all,

Yes, real life has intervened - crazy work schedule and moving house over the holidays.

Shoot me an email (subrosa@pointlessmentalcruelty.com) if you're interested in helping out with getting issue 6 out the door. Need help with editing.


Yay! The Greys gave us Alex back!

But have they retaken him?

As far as I can tell... kind of... I've talked with him a few times, and I know he's trying to get it sorted, but his day job has grabbed him squarely by the throat and refuses to let go.

I'm not sure when we'll get him back...