1197 A.D. (Late Spring) Beginnings

It has been only a few days ago that the young magi completed their Gauntlet under the watchful eyes of senior magi of your House as well as a Guernicus witness. The ceremonies, formalities and parties are now over.

Today, you have all been summoned by the maga Tandaline, to answer the questions you may have about your new covenant, as well as plan the supplies and people that you will need to thrive all by yourselves.

A pavillion has been raised on the plain east of the stream and away from Durenmar's towers, and that is where Tandaline is awaiting you. She is inside, standing near a sturdy table. Folding chairs of wood and canvas are set around the table, and a number of scrolls piled on it to one sode.

Some of you know each other fairly well, while others you have met only briefly. Still, this is the first time you are all gathered for a common purpose.

Morrigan is excited by the meeting. She's been travelling for the last few months and is eager to make new plans and to begin this new stage in he life. She should be afraid of what Tandaline will ask of Her considering but she she doesn't really care. She's can't wait to find out more about her future sodales.

She wears the same outfit she had for her gauntlet, as she's not sure her usual casual travelling clothes will be appropriate.

She arrives a few minutes early and greets Tandaline and those already present.

"Greetings Tandaline, nice to see you again."

Basilus arrived roughly a diameter later, as despite proximity to the tent, he wanted to again check if his modest wizardly robe was presentable enough for the occasion. Right beneath the robes he wore traveling clothes, so he could change in a dash.

"Hello, hello, good day!" he exclaimed, looking at Tandaline but also scanning over other magi gathered in the tent. Having spent more than a decade with a mad researcher for a pater, Basilus' social skills were ever so slightly lacking; regardless, he hoped to meet his new partners in peace and looking forward to the future prospects rather than dwell on the past.

Alice strolls over in her flowing green robes that complement her red hair so well. She is clearly comfortable in the environment and in a seemingly cheerful mood. "Salve, soldales!" she says as she arrives, looking to each one by one. She congratulates her fellow former apprentices on their mutual completion of their gauntlets one more time for good measure, despite the celebrations being past.

Emericus arrives in his grey woolen robes. His hair looks like he has often pushed his fingers though it as it stands up in odd spots. He nods and greets everyone in turn. He has a smile for Alice remembering shared library tables and debating over magical theory.

While keeping one eye on Tandaline, he will talk to Basilus and Morrigan so as to better know them and their interests.

"Hi, Emericus. Looks like you're not getting rid of me that easily, huh?" Alice smiles at him. "Don't worry, I can show you around outside a library like you did for me inside one."

Of course. When I have time. He runs an ink stained fingers through his hair. I will be interested in seeing the Covenant. I read the old accounts from it. In a cave on a hill.

Seizing the opportunity to join the conversation, Morrigan approches the small group eager to socialize.

"I've read It too, Tandaline has increased its size to accommodate the five of us"

She gazes towards the pile of scroll

" I'm sure she's going to give us a lot more details."

She tries to pick up clues about his new sodales. Looking at the stained fingers of Emericus she adds

" It seems like we've all spent quite some time copying summae.."

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"Morrigan, is it? I'm Alice." Alice looks over the other maga, recognizing her from her gauntlet and the celebrations afterward. "Yes, far, far too much time copying books. It's time to get out and do something more useful. I'm looking forward to this opportunity, but I expect there are a lot of preparations to be made once Tandaline tells us what they have in mind."

Basilus simply nods, quiet and reserved for the time being, but the more words they exchange and the longer he stays with the other magi, the more he seems to relax, eventually chiming in with a timid comment. "I'm sure there won't be too much issue with the new locale once we get there, right? After all I'd trust senior magi to not just throw us in the middle of the wilderness and expect success, not that the challenge wouldn't be enjoyable.."

to Alice

"Morrigan indeed. Founding a covenant isn't exactly an easy task there's indeed a lot to do to make It viable."

Turning to Basilus she adds

"I happen to be gentle gifted, It'll take time for me to learn the local language fluently but hopefully, with a few social spells and honest transaction, we'll make friends in no time. Setting up can be quite time consuming, but meeting new people is the good part."

Asking the group

Do you happen to know anything about the regio or the local ressources we could nurture ?

While the young magi socialize and talk amongst themselves, Tandaline stays at the table, obviously waiting for something -- or someone. Any attempt to engage her, at this point, is met with slight shake of her head.

At one point, a servant comes into the tent and whispers something to her, causing a frown. As the servant leaves, she simply says, "It will be a few more diameters before we can begin. The last of you seem to be missing, but is in the process of being located and should join us shortly."

With that, she sits down, takes one of the scrolls and start perusing its content. She must have read it before, as only her lips move, an unusual feat of concentration.

A man in pale grey robes with scruffy blonde hair makes his way into the tent.

"Salve sodales!" he announces. "Do I have the pleasure of being in Tandaline's tent? I apologize for being late, but I needed to check on the progress of Fengheld's guest quarters."

He makes his way over to Tandaline when he sees her.

"Now that you are all here," Tandaline says from the table, "let us begin. Come closer, please."

Once the five magi are seated around the table, she addresses them. "As you are probably aware, the Order of Hermes has faced several challenges since the time of the Founding. The Schism War, the Corruption, the Crusades, the Disappearance. Furthermore, the continual encroachment of mundanes upon magical sites has left several covenant of the Order vulnerable and contributed to the growing scarcity of raw vis. In short, the Order to which you just swore an Oath is quite different than it was when our founders create that same oath. It has even changed significantly since I swore my own." (From what you know, Tandaline is between 20 and 30 years your senior.)

"As you know, our House, House Bonisagus, is dedicated to two things. First and foremost is the advancement of the magical theory upon which the magic of the Order relies. As such, our members push its boundaries, seeking to broaden its applications and overcome its limits. Most of you are from the lineage of Bonisagus, although each of you have different research interests and goals."

"But there is also a second lineage, the followers of Trianoma, such as myself and Morrigan here. Our focus is upon the ties that bind our Order together, working on strengthening them so that the Order as a whole remains strong and healthy. Not an easy task these days, but it never is."

"You are perhaps the largest single group of apprentices from our House to complete their Gauntlet so close together. You do so at a time when House Bonisagus is being challenged by many other Houses due to some of the privileges we enjoy within the Order. There are voices that question our right to take another's apprentice as our own. Others claim that the research we perform is not shared as quickly and easily as it should be. That access to the Great Library of Durenmar should be free to all magi."

"What this means to you is that fewer covenants are willing to accept newly-Gauntleted magi of our House, at least not without imposing additional obligations on them. That is why your respective masters had so much difficulty when they tried to find each of you a covenant to join."

"To counter this, and with the approval of our Primus, I have been allowed to offer you my help in creating a new covenant within the Rhine Tribunal. That is no easy task, for there will be many challenges facing you, but I can offer you advice and support, both personally and from Durenmar."

"That is what we are here to discuss today. If, of course, you are interested."

Morrigan listens to the speech carefully, focused. Her mater enjoin her to reach for understanding beyond words. And indeed there's no real news in her words, only clues about the way she wants to be perceived.

She grins "A rhetorical question I'm sure. We've only had information from archives decades old, You've been there in person your knowledge is invaluable.

We all have questions about the ressources but following your guidance on the role of our shared lineage, maybe you could begin by telling us what kind or communities are around, mundane and maybe even other magical practitioner ?"

Alice listens intently. Her face shows a combination of enthusiasm and suspicion. In answer to the implied question at the end she says, "I would certainly be interested to hear more and discuss the possibilities."

Emericus' expression changes from surprise to excitement to concern as he begins to think of the ramifications of starting a Covenant. In a guarded tone, I would be interested but I do wish to have more information on support we can expect.

Borealis smiles. "Founding a new covenant is a great honour in this tribunal. While I feel this could be a great project, I would like to know how we can secure the support of other covenants so that we gain official recognition at Tribunal. Please tell us about your ideas."

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After Basilus voices his interest as well, Tandaline continues. "Indeed, the question of support from all of the covenants of the Tribunal is an important one. Let us begin with that."

"I have approached several of the covenants already. Most seemed open to the idea, although the degree of interest and enthusiasm varied. I believe that with only a bit more discussion, and perhaps a visit from one or more of you, things should fall into place. Since it is three years until the next tribunal meeting, that should give us enough time to secure sponsors from each one."

"I will be your official sponsor for Durenmar. I can also say with reasonable certainty that Triamore, Terschelling and Oculus Septentrionalis will support the creation of the new covenant. Fengheld was a bit more reluctant and will ask for some concessions, I am sure, but should agree eventually."

"The magi of Rethra were fairly indifferent and told me they would agree. They are old and their covenant has slipped into winter, so it is more a matter of them remembering than anything else. Rheinstein will require some sort of bribe, probably in raw vis."

"That leaves only the covenants of Crintera, Dankmar and Roznov. Crintera should be easiest, though it may cost some sort of favor. Dankmar will be the most difficult, as they hate Durenmar and generally oppose anything we support."

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Slow to react, Basilus asks with a hint of worry:

"A favor? Any idea what that might be? If it's the easiest one of the bunch as you speak, then we should begin with that...although I have little to offer myself."

"There's also a matter of Roznov, what is their stance on this? From what you said I assume they'll be tougher to convince than Crintera, but how much?"