1197 A.D. (Late Spring) Interview with the Librarian

The time for Basilus' appointment arrives. The older magus receives him in his study, with comfortable furniture and sunlight coming from stained windows set high in the tower's wall.

Andrus looks up as the younger magus is let into the study, pale blue eyes sizing him up, before rising to greet him. "Young... Basilus, is it? One of the new crop, right?"

"Correct", Basilus replies, hungrily looking at the other books in the study. "Gauntleted recently and designated to a new-old covenant site."

The magus smiles at the old librarian. "I've heard you'd be parting with a few books to help kickstart our operation, so I came to investigate - and, of course, thank you."

"Yes, yes, of course. Well, I can't say that I fully approve of this... endeavor... but the Primus gave his approval... so, well, here we are."

"Now, usually, the books we will be giving you would have been flagged for use by apprentices. Older copies, or less advanced works, or simply redudant books that are of little use anymore."

He put his hands down on his desk, looking at you thoughtfully for a few moments before continuing.

"As for the subjects, well, some basics. Magic Theory, of course. As many Roots as we could spare. Magic and Faerie Lore, of course. Some lab texts, too, and a few mundane books. Histories, law, medicine."

He sighs, "Now, of course all this will help you get started. But I am sure you will want to expand upon your collection. Should you wish to do so, I have been directed to offer you scribing hospitality when possible, of one season per year, in exchange for one season of scribal work to help maintain the Library."

"Do you have any question?"

OOC Just bumping up the topic. This is your chance to make requests for specific topics, negotiate access to better books, scribing ressources, or anything else related to Durenmar's extensive library.

"Please don't worry about us, we'll take the best care of these books we can. On the topic of mundane subjects, it would be good to have a guide related to maintaining concentration."

"How many books on Magic Theory are we expected to have? I'd also be interested in having a copy of some unfinished experimental works and other research notes, as I'm willing to pay back tenfold in more research notes on said subjects the moment our covenant is up and running. I'll be sure to share my work as soon as I can."

"As for lab texts, I'm sure nobody would mind getting their hands on some economic spells. Improving covenant life, generating income, all of that would be most welcome."

Andrus nods in understanding, "I will see if we have anything on concentration. It is not really a subject of interest."

"As for Magic Theory, we have an older primer set aside for you. Always good to have. Any further text, such as the more recent essays, would need to be copied by one of you as part of scribal hospitality."

"Indeed, lab text to provide some comfort to a new covenant were considered. Tandaline mentionned a few spells and enchantments that might be useful for the purpose. Some of these may be variants."

"As for research notes, well, again this is more a subject for scribal hospitality. We don't allow the original texts to leave the library, and copying them takes time. Did I mention we are always looking for scribal services from younger magi?"

Basilus simply nods and smiles at the old magus. "Any help would be appreciated at this point. Indeed, if time and circumstances allow I will visit the library again to repay with scribing service - I need some practice with the pen anyways, so I'm looking forward to it."

Basilus waits a while longer to see if Andrus has anything of note to say or add, otherwise he will excuse taking up his time and warmly say his goodbyes with hopes for future cooperation.

"Certainly, that would be good." He rises from his desk to accompany you to the door of his study. "Speak with Walter at the scriptorium for the books being readied for your covenant. He will give you more details about them."

"Now, if you will excuse me, I have to meet a collegue."

"Of course. Goodbye and thank you", Basilus says, and turns to leave the man's study, a brief happy sigh escaping him once the door closed behind him. All was going well enough. With this positive thought in mind, he stepped out into the corridor, wandering near the scriptorium in search for Walter in order to inquire him about the books.

After asking around, Basilus locates Walter in the Great Library's scriptorium. A short discussion reveals that, at this time, the following books have been put aside for your new covenant:

  • Roots of Knowledge, by Heredotus of Guernicus, L5 summa on Intellego
  • Basics of Destruction, by Sanchez of Flambeau, L5 summa on Perdo
  • Secrets of Health, by Benitus of Bonisagus, L5 summa on Corpus
  • From Roots to Leaves, by Merinita the Founder, L5 summa on Herbam
  • Stable Foundation, by Guernicus the Founder, L5 summa on Terram
  • Through Magic We Shine, by Bonisagus the Founder, L6 summa on Vim
  • Fundamentals of Magic, by Bonisagus the Founder, L5 summa on Magic Theory
  • Creatures of Magic, unknown author, tractatus on Magic Lore
  • Creatures of the Fae Realm, unknown author, tractatus on Faerie Lore
  • Laws and the Order, unknown author, L4 summa on the Code of Hermes
  • The Founders Revisited, by Caecilius of Bonisagus, L3 summa on Organization Lore: Order of Hermes
  • Herbal, by Crateaus, L5 summa on Medicine
  • Liber Regularum, by St. Victricius, L3 summa on Civil and Canon Law
  • Ars grammatica - Ars minor, by Donatus, L4 summa on Artes Liberales

Basilus notes down the books in a list and thanks the scriptor for sharing this information. He then heads off to his temporary quarters, or in search of one of the other young magi to break the news.