12-Sided Die -- Short Film about my Ars group

One of the guys in my Ars group has written a webisode series that centers around our group. The first episode is here:

youtube.com/watch?v=Riwmcc7k ... e=youtu.be

I invite you to watch and enjoy!


Cool! When's the next part out? Next Saturday..?

Real as life. Except that I don't get chicks knocking on my door like that. Still, I am fairly sure my couple would not appreciate it anyway.


Mark, There are 12 episodes in total, and 4 of them are shot. Only the first is edited. So, much like Sub Rosa, I think it'll be a gradual affair....

Thanks for watching guys! There's a facebook page for the show, so if you "friend" us, you'll be sure to hear of episode announcements, etc.


This defines the concept of a 10.

Well, 9.9, because I'm a facebook-boycotting kind of person. So please link the episodes from here.


Thanks you guys! High praise coming from gamers.... :slight_smile:

We also have a webpage, and in the photo gallery section you can see a nice downshot on the gaming table featuring a bunch of Ars books. And can anyone name that storyteller's screen?


My goodness, it really is! :slight_smile:

I think it's the old Saga Tales, or whatever it was called. It came with a bunch of grogs illustrated by Eric Hotz.
Very nice video production, by the way. I make part of my living shooting and editing video. Well lit, nicely framed, and excellent sound quality. A very professional piece of work.

Matt Ryan

That was awesome, Eric! As another non-Facebook person, I'll second (third?) the call for updates to be posted here too! :slight_smile:

Fourthed (is that even a word?). Seems there is a bunch of non facebook people around. Not that facebook will nto have thousants of terabytes of info on us anyway, but hey.


Excellent. Love it.

Watched and enjoyed it! Thanks. Looking forward to the next episode :smiley:

Extremely cool!

Is someone of your troupe working in the film industry? Not only the idea is create but also the realization!

Thanks for posting?

Thanks for watching everyone, and I really appreciate the compliments.

While the main thrust of the series will be Curtis trying to balance gaming and dating, the backstory of the game is based on our long-running Novgorod saga. My first character in the saga was a bjornaer named Phineas who was tragically killed by a rogue bjornaer gone bad. 3-4 years later in real life / 15 years of game time later, our characters found themselves facing an undead Phineas. It was terrifying, and really impressive, when the storyteller was able to bring him back into the story so many years later.

Matt Ryan -- where do you work in film/video? (I think you're in the UK?)

Widewitt -- I work on the Simpsons in Los Angeles as a production manager, and I've been acting for a long time as well. (I'm the long haired guy with the sideburns in this film....) The main character, Curtis, is a professional stand-up comedian, who's been trying to break into TV for awhile. The storyteller is a character actor here who has done some TV. The director has done several shorts and is trying to break into the wider industry. So, in short, yeah, we pretty much all work in TV or Film in some capacity here in LA.
(Both Curtis and I play Ars. The others do not....)

I will definitely keep you all posted when the next episode is available. :slight_smile:

Oh, you are the Troll. :laughing:
I had Troll, Dwarf but hadn't found an archetype for the 3rd actor... so I couldn't ask. :confused:

I thought more Elf than Troll. Trolls don't drink Argentinean/Uruguayan Mate.

Looking forward for the next chapter!

Pleased to meet you! :smiley:

It's fun, you kinda remind me of a friend of mine (and troll it is :smiley:).
You've got pretty impressive backgrounds, anyway.

Great story, I like it. it's exactly the kind of things I, as a GM, liked to spring up on my PCs. Congrats to your GM!


Just wanted to ask if you are still going to release episode 2 :slight_smile:
I'm really curious!


Nice :slight_smile:

I love how the barrier to entry is lower for a lot of the media arts these days. It means talented people who don't have a signed deal and/or buckets of cash can still get quality stuff out there.