1205 Fall - Trouble with Telsbergs

At the first opportunity, Clusius summarizes the exchange with Agnes to the other magi to the best of his recollection, solliciting their opinions about the situation.

"It seems to me like she is seeking to undermine her father, probably to her own husband and children's advantage. I tried to give her as little information as possible, at least until we can get a better idea of the situation."

"It might be worth trying to trace the source of the mushroom, perhaps by using it as an arcane connection, to determine where it is located. If we could harvest it ourselves, it could be a valuable addition while avoiding Agnes using it as a bargaining tool."

Regulus taps his fingers on the table while thinking.

"It makes all the more urgent for us to know what Burgraff Telsberg is going to ask. It also seems to me that she has someone watching her father, if she knew he sent a letter, but not someone close enough to know it's contents, or she would know no request was made yet."

"As for the vis, I agree. If she has nothing to give us we won't be tempted to give anything to her, and our chances of being accused of interference diminish."

"In addition" says Regulus after thinking for some time ((OOC: and after I have had a good night of sleep)) "we should try to find the person who harvested the vis. If he is an hermetic magus, we don't want to be accused of deprivation. If not, we must decide how to deal with him."

A few days go by. Eventually a servant approaches Clusius when the magus steps out of his lab.

"Master, would you like to bring a gift for the Brugraff next Tuesday? I think we have some fine objects that could catch his eye, if it's alright I can ask mister Julius to chose something fitting from the warehouse."

(OOC: 1205, November 1st, Tuesday.)

"That is an excellent idea! Could you ask Julius to select three or four items?" Clusius asks. "I'll look them over and make the final choice."

In the evening Clusius is led to a small galery, to which Julius has brought three items. In the center stands a painting of the valley. An angel (who suspiciously looks a bit like Leonardus) indicates the place of the soon-to-be covenant to a traveler (who also looks like Leonardus). To the right, a hunting horn ornate with silver. The last item, to the left, is one of Clusius best clay sculptures.

The steward briefly introduces the background of the painting and the horn. The first was commissioned by Leonardus a few years after he found the valley. The painting is unfinished (the water stream is missing). The angel indicating the place is the way the painter interpreted Leonardus' inspiration. As for the horn, it was a gift from a baron with lands close to Triamore, who expected Leonardus to accompany him more often in his hunts. As far as Julius know, Leonardus has never used it for any purpose.

Julius remains silent about the sculpture, as it requires no clarification on it's origins.

Clusius ponders the question for a few moments. He quickly decides against the painting, as leaving such a clue as to the location of the covenant in mundane hands seems unwise.

In the end, he says, "Let us go with the hunting horn. I think that will probably appeal to a mundane lord more than a sculpture would. I am also m not vain enough to believe mundanes will see it as anything special."

Turning to a different subject, he asks Julius, "Have we identified who should accompany me to see the Burggraff? If we have someone who is familiar with the local nobility, or at least talented in social settings, that would be useful to have. I'll need a few obvious guards, but not too many. Two or three, no more."

(OOC Does any one has a mundane character they'd like to involve in the story?)