1205 Fall - Trouble with Telsbergs

During which representatives from the covenant are summoned by the head of the Telsberg family, who wishes to meet the Heir of Leonardus.

A knight has arrived in the village of Chastellion. He deposited a letter, and then somewhat gruffly returned to his own holdings. The letter, by fits and starts, makes its way to the covenant a few hours later, carried by people from the village. It is addressed to “The heir of Leonardus” and bears the seal of the Burggraf of Telesburg.

When opened, it bears a neat, practised handwriting. The carefully formed words show someone who has spent long hours copying and writing in church latin.

“Greetings from Burggraf Telesburg and salutations to the scholars of the valley, and to the heir of Leonardus.

It has been many years since I saw fit to patronise your esteemed father, and allow the construction of your site. Since he had done me some small favours, he had my favour and permission to settle in the lands which belong by right of inheritance and law to my house and myself, by the grace of god.

I am pleased that he seems to have raised a son as scholarly as himself, and thus enrich my holdings with a chance for me and my line to similarly patronise you.

Since you have been rendered permission to gain the rents from my patronage, it would, however, be right and just for you to present yourself to me such that I can favour you by legally confirming the rights I graciously extended to your father.

I shall expect you at on all saints day, or the week before.


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In the days following to the arrival of the Telsberg invitation, the covenfolk from Tugurium make the following reports:

  • The talk about the incident in the cave has finally started to dim.
  • Lucille, the washerwoman, has complained about "a feeling of being watched".
  • Regulus' servant was found stealing... again.
  • A few village hunters are afraid of a beast in the woods. This might be related to Wolfgang's... friend.
  • There is a shortage of leafy greens due to the bad weather, but the cook says he will manage it somehow.
  • Levi, the carpenter, has fallen ill. He swears he is going to die, but his wife says it's just a cold.

((OOC: these might, or might not, be related to the current story. Most are just color. However, if anyone wants to develop them into full fledged hooks, make yourself comfortable. =] ))