...in the original Klingon.

Okay, my mind went straight into the gutter here. First thing that came to mind was Fiona: [color=blue]"If ye want ta know the best way ta penetrate a giant, ye'd want ta talk ta me da."

A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells. :laughing:

Following the conversation between Alexei and Xander, and I keep thinking, "Boy, it's a good thing Fiona's not there to hear that." :slight_smile:

I was wondering when I'd see some commentary from you about that thread... :laughing:

It sure looks like Fiona has her work cut out for her, doesn't it?

Are you complaining? :unamused:

I'm thinking of starting a correspondence thread. Write letters to your parens, or whomever you might know. I'll respond back. I also have some letters that will drop in from time to time. I expect we can compartmentalize this. What does everyone think?

Nope...if I wanted a simple game, I'd stick with Go Fish.

Sounds good to me...I can think of a couple of people already she would have at least tried to correspond with. I'm also toying with a "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch" type thread, for what characters are doing when they're not in their own threads or bulling into others' :smiley:

When does Filtiarn join Mons Electi? Is it safe to assume that he's already arrived and settled in by winter?

(With Jonathan's indulgence, I think I can answer that)
Nope. Fieltarn is not there yet.

Re Fieltarn, that is correct...

Count me in too. Fieltarn has traveled extensively around ME, he'd certainly keep contact with some characters from his past.


Now, if you do write a letter, I just ask you sketch out a bit of the person, so I know how to respond appropriately.

Count me in for making extensive use of the letter forum as well. Am I correct in assuming that is the new Letters We Got Your Letters thread? Can I proceed to post a letter in that thread?

Yes, but that wouldn't happen until Autumn, date your letter accordingly. Unless it is between you and Apollodorus.

One would be to Drystan ex Merinita, the nature-Merinita from Fiona's prologue...I doubt that there's enough info in there about him to base much off of, though, although I might be mistaken.

The other would be her mater, Marós, who I would need to come up with a quick thumbnail beyond "Old Daughter of Circe".

Or maybe something stronger...rum, or even whisky. Now, where can we find whisky that we know a giant is going to like? :smiley:

(total ooc smart-aleckyness...not that Fiona wants to get involved in this right now :laughing:)

I was thinking more about Odysseus and all that, but a barrel of firewater would work.

So what do you think, diabolist or just a mage with a very unfortunate sigil?

In either case, its a potentially useful (or misleading :wink: ) piece of info to keep in mind, for later (mis)use. :smiley: