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So I need to think about this sheep changing situation a bit. I'm conflicted as to whether the original magical effect was cancelled. Want to hash it out? Came up base on the discussion in the Ars Magica forum.

I think it makes perfect sense that the Animal spell would end when the sheep was remade, due to the Corpus requisite. If it were still an animal that just looked human, I don't think it would need the Corpus.

Flip side to that would be that, once the Beast was Remade, it would be subject to Corpus spells instead of Animal for the duration, wouldn't it?

And now that I know that remade beasts are chock full of derp, I now have a reason to invent a temporary version of The Gift of Reason, maybe call it The Flower of Algernon...unfortunately the guidelines only let you raise a mental characteristic by one. I have a feeling that multiple castings would still only raise the Int by one, not by one per casting, which would still leave the target dumber than dirt.

See, I don't know. This gets into a whole sticky gray area. Muto's a mess.

See this discussion, to see why I'm stuck in analysis paralysis.

I want to say yes, to this, in this case). Because it is, for the duration of the spell, a human body. I do have a problem with a person under the effect of a MuCo(An) spell being affected by any subsequent animal spells for the duration of the MuCo(An) spell. That seems broken to me, and there's a reason that people have Souls, and they anchor us to our human form, being in the image of God. Think the Limit of the Soul applies here? I kinda do, or find it to be a good argument for not allowing animal spells affect people, period, as the description of the Animal form states.

I only now realize that the thread has gone a bit off the rails, because the only place I can see the Shape and Material bonus applying is during lab work (or am I missing something?). I wouldn't let a Magus muto something for 13 weeks of work and get away with it while he's enchanting it. I'd probably do something like at the end of the season he realizes he can only access the power he wants when he changes the shape to the form he'd been working on all season, so he needs to add another effect or something. I dunno, it's a huge mess I really don't want to get into, but probably need to because of Alexei's spear, and didn't really think of the full effects. Grr...

I could bring Seumas mac Torcaill...not really much of a fighter, but a fine shepherd. I can see Brione De Rey just begging to be included in any excursion where there's any chance of him having a spell or three cast upon him. Maybe Michelle, for a warrior. Daffyd and maybe Deykin?

Those are all fine.
I wish Jonah would show up and play Ivor... DO YOU HEAR ME, JONAH?

Do yu want to play 4+ characters yourself :question:

Not really...I was just throwing out names in case somebody didn't have a character of their own to bring in and didn't know who to play. If I wanted to play everyone, I'd just write a short story...or novella, knowing me.

Haha woops! Posted in the other thread before reading this one.

Very happy to play Ivor here. The Welsh shepherd family Iosephus brought could also be a possibility, if we need more grogs on this.

Let's get a few grogs in Fiona's thread.
Also zlorfick is going to need a few grogs (knowing sheep isn't a bad idea) over in his thread, and possibly his companion.

Seumas knows sheep fairly well (must...resist...urge..to...make...tacky...Scotsman...joke). Probably doesn't know much French yet, since Silviatos's situation is in fall and he's probably only been there two months, out working the sheep.

It is different, I'll grant that. Never been in a campaign where the chairman/princeps/disceptator rotated every quarter. I'd imagine it's probably pretty difficult for the mortals to wrap their minds around, too. But then, they'd probably go to the autocrat for anything, anyway – at least until they get used to the magi's Gifts.

Except for the bits about Apollodorus being Princeps Emeritus and his donations to the covenant, it's a pretty standard boilerplate charter straight from the book. If we have issues down the road, we can always amend it to fit our situation.

I remember throwing out a couple of ideas way back when, but there wasn't really any discussion, nor any other ideas brought out. If those are the only options on the table, I'm kind of leaning toward Mons Restituisse – mainly because of the play on words, with restituisse meaning both rebuilt and reformed. On the other hand, Mons Restaurata is easier for my English tongue to spit out.

Well Apollodorus has his reasons, although he could always be mistaken.

Those were good, but I hadn't seen any discussion, either in or out of character.
Now that the Charter has been revealed IC, I'd expect there to be some nominal discussion from the Magi...

Is anyone else hearing this in Alan Rickman's voice?

On Lurch's body.

How much of this would Fiona have already known: Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore (Magi of the British Isles) 3 + die roll of 4 = 8 to know about the Tremere in Loch Leglean, Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore 2 + die roll of 7 = 10 (11 if it falls under "Magi of the British Isles) to know what an Exarch is and the deal about one covering four Tribunals.

(as an aside: s'what I get for checking stuff in Lions of the North :smiley: - granted, it's 3rd ed., but the only thing out there about Loch Leglean, afaik)

She would know that there are a few Tremere in Loch Leglean and Hibernia. There's also a House covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal.
The political structure of the house, an exarch and stuff would be less well known unless Fiona regularly attended Tribunals. And even then, it would be a senior Tremere in the Loch Leglean casting votes as the Exarch had directed.

Well, considering that I built her as something of a politician (Code of Hermes/Political Intrigue, Bargain, Guile, and Intrigue), I was thinking that she would have attended the Loch Leglean Tribunal regularly.

It's conceivable that you're unfamiliar with the term Exarch, since there are so few Tremere in Loch Leglean, and the Exarch wasn't there. You know that one Tremere, the most senior in the Tribunal, votes with all the sigils of less senior Tremere. You might've found it curious, but never inquired as to why this was.

Seeing as how it's been two weeks plus since the last post in Fiona's thread, with no sign of anyone throwing any grogs into the fray, do you want to just use, say, three "The Standard Soldier" grogs from p. 22 of the rulebook and if anyone wants to take them over, they can?

We can even pretend they have names :laughing: : Albert, Bertrand, and Charles (good solid French names, all).

Either that or cast your spell on Ivor. I have been reworking some things due to a seeming unwillingness for players to be involved in another player's magus thread.