Intellego and Warping

Do intellego spells count as affecting the target for purposes of warping?

For instance, if a wizard put an InMe effect into his talisman that constantly checked to see if it was time to use its other powers, would the wizard gain a wapring point per year for being under that affect?

Thoughts and opinions? (Or developers intentions?)

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If the InMe effect targets the wizard, and overcomes the wizard's Parma, then that wizard is "constantly under the influence of one or more active mystical effects", so gains one Warping Point per year by ArM5 p.168.

If the InMe effect targets others only - e. g. checks for hostile or murderous intentions of others around the wizard - then the wizard does not gain Warping for it, because "a character is only under the influence of an effect if she is affected directly and personally. Thus, a character enchanted to fly at all times is under the influence of an effect, but a character living in a flying castle need not be; the castle is directly affected by the magic": ArM5 p.168 again.

Edit: I overlooked a tricky property of some standard InMe effects like InMe 10 Sight of the Transparent Motive. If an enchanted device continuously and directly provides information to its wielder about other targets, this may very well mean that the wielder is under the item's influence, though it does not target him.
This is the case, if the item lets the wielder know by magic the feelings of people in his surroundings, but not if the item grows warm, throbs and glows if some of these people intend to kill the magus.

Kind regards,


Good interpretation Berengar.

I was recently told that one can use effects from talismans at personal range (if touching) without over coming parma. I forget the argument now, but when made it was compelling.

If the talisman is using Intellego on its owner waiting for a command, is the owner actually under the influence or effect, though?

See page 98 in Ars5. "First, your talisman is considered to be a part of you as long as you are touching it. Personal range spells can affect your talisman, Personal range effects in the talisman can affect you..."

I think the technically correct answer would be "yes." The implication, therefore, is that a lot of useful talisman enchantments - mental commands, Bjornaer "wearable" talismans*, etc. - will generate warping points.

*Enchantments that detect when the wearer changes into heartbeast form and adjust size accordingly, like that of the Bjornaer prima in Guardians of the Forest.

Yes. In that case the talisman targets the owner, hence the owner is under the influence of the effect. So the owner better is able to turn off that Intellego effect: otherwise she must let go of her talisman regularly to avoid warping.

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If I recall though, if the spell effect is designed FOR the Person its used on (ie Strength enhancement) it does not Warp...therefore, a talisman, by definition, will Not warp its creator.

I believe that's just for brief but powerful magical effects. Constant magical effects warp even the people they were designed for.