Tayma Zamzam

I think either idea works, and you should pick the one which works best for you, but finding work in the middle ages was even more about relationships than it is today, and the idea that anyone comes into the covenant as a result of a help wanted sign should be rethought. She is more than her work, and that is the point I want you to give consideration to- what has she been doing with her faerie wizardry prior to the covenant? Does she still have a teacher? Human or faerie? What is her life situation other than she shows up at the covenant?

First off, the Faerie Wizard concept wouldn't integrate into the covenant fully. Spend a lot of time there sure, maybe even live there, but she would be a covenant employee who works for pay and maybe other favours. The reverent would consider the covenant really her home if they took her in.

Wizard Concept:
She learned wizardry from her mother, in theory a long line of woman descended from Athena, and while much of the potential remains the knowledge is almost gone. Tayma knows everything her mother knows. In truth they aren't even sure of their history, but it is clear over 2000 years they left Greece, since they are very clearly not Greeks now. She mainly uses her Wizardry for helping woman recover from injuries, especially child birth. Occasionally she'll give someone a "blessing" which amounts to Faerie Sympathy. Very rarely she'll try something "major" such as a ward or an actual curse to hurt someone. She mostly works on woman, not men or young girls, when performing Faerie rites for obvious reasons. Polite society scoffs at the idea she is anything other than a silly girl.. Even so she can scrape out a "living", enough to help her parents get by with assorted jobs.

She's a noble daughter. Her family fell on hard times, and they never were very important in the first place. She is the eldest daughter and there were no surviving sons. She was slightly famous because at her Baptism an Angel appeared and made a proclamation. She would be sent into God's hands by an immortal beast, a foul demon, an avenging angel, a wondrous Faerie or the powers of a mighty wizard. No dying to banal bandits or death in childbirth for her. Technically, it was always "sent into God's hands" instead of "death", but everyone took it as dying. Cool right? Oh and the Angel named her. Don't let an angel do that, they are terrible at picking names.

Fast forward eighteen years. Her family had finally found a solution to their downward spiral! She would marry a "merchant prince", not an actual prince of course, but very, very rich. He wanted to marry into nobility and Tayma was set to inherit. Tayma was a bit miffed at having to marry an old dude, but this Jonathan character turned out to be surprisingly young. Older than her, but not by much. Plus he was charming, superficially at least.

They got married. The problems started almost immediately. Jonathan seemed... reluctant to perform his "Husbandly duties", at least as much as Tayma wanted. Some of Jonathan's deals were less than completely on the level. Probably legal, but embarrassing if they came to light. They fought. Tayma thought he wasn't acting properly. They were both good at flying off the handle. Jonathan almost hit her, but a comment from Tayma about how that would be the most contact they had all week... eventually Jonathan and Tayma had both had enough. Tayma said if he didn't start "acting like a husband" she would accuse Jonathan of "lying with men". Jonathan panicked and murdered her, stabbed her to death.

There was some suspicion cast at Jonathan, but that whole proclamation by the angel shut that down pretty quickly. Jonathan wasn't a demon or dragon. Tayma's funeral was set up reasonably quickly. Tayma got out of her casket. Now pale and scarred, cold and dead, but moving. Tayma was angry. She wanted Jonathan dead. He was the killer. He didn't send her into "God's hands". The angel didn't bless her. It was giving a warning.

Integrating the reverent: This could happen if the player characters step in. They might save Jonathan and could offer the scared, angry, and confused Tayma guidance. If they offer her a place to live and help understanding what had happened too her she would probably latch onto them. Next time they are in town they could hear the commotion and screams. Possibly when Antonius is finally released.

Thoughts? I think the later is certainly better if you want a character fully integrated into the covenant. I'm kind of leaning that way now...

I could work either of these into a story, the second obviously comes with it's own story, and if you are leaning that way anyways lets go with that. I have the first one completed in my worksheet, and we could bring both of them in at differing times (one would have to have a different name) if you want to do that.

I got over eager, the sheet is almost done...

Now its done.

Name: Tayma Zamzam
Type: Magical Human; Companion, High Power
Might: 2
Confidence: 0
Essential Trait: Vengful+3
Personality Traits: Desire+3, Wrath+3,
Qualities: Natural Appearance, Improved Abilities5, Greater Power, Personal Power, Improved Soak5 , Major Virtue2, Minor Virtue3, No Fatigue
Inferiorities: Minor Flaw, Reduced Might13
Characteristics: Str+2 Dex+0, Sta+2, Qik+0, Pre+5, Com+4, Int+1, Per-2
Reputations: Returned Wrong+4, Abandoned Family+2
Virtues: Venus's Blessing, Death Prophecy, Great Communication
1, Greater Presence2, Educated, Good Teacher, Gentlewoman.
Virtues from Qualities: Improved Characteristics
3, Immunity (Magical Might Loss), Immunity Cold
Flaws: Black Sheep, Wrath (Minor), Low Self-Esteem, Infamous, Small-Frame, Compulsion (Seeks Sex)
Flaws from Inferiorities: Disfigured

Italian 5 (Academic Usage)
Latin 4 (Academic Usage)
Artes Liberales 2 (Writing Systems)
Arabic 3 (Academic Usage)
Teaching 3 (Children)
Etiquette 3 (Courtship)
Brawl 2 (Kicking(
Guile 2 (Men)
Intrigue 3 (Nobility)
Charm 4 (Men)
Athletics 3 (Climbing)
Church Lore 2 (politics)
Theology: Catholic 1 (Sins)
Music 3 (Signing)

Looking at Tayma gives the sense of a marred masterpiece. She's horribly scarred. Slashes across her face, her arms, her neck, her back and legs if those aren't covered. But ignoring the scars one can see she was once beautiful. Lithe, yet still strong long dark hair offsetting her pale skin. A flawless face if you discount the puckered lines of scar. Eyes of pale, striking blue.

Greater Power (45 levels, 5 left over)
Deathly Chill
Points 0, Init+0, Ig
R: Touch, D: Mom T: Ind
Cold radiates from Tayma, a distance of a little over a pace, forming frost and turning the air deathly freezing. Anyone caught in the area takes +10 damage from the cold. At the Storyguide's option warm clothing may provide a bonus to soak.
Base 10 Touch+1, Size+2 Part+1, Cost-3

Personal Power 25 levels, uses 5 leftover from the Greater Power)
Death Walks Behind
Points 0, Init+0, Ig
R: Per D: Mom T: Ind
Tayma moves to a location she can see within 50 paces. Transport is instant and intervening barriers don't matter so long as Tayma can see the endpoint.
Base 15 -2 Cost, 1 Mastery Level, Fast Casting

Woman is not a defining essential trait. Essential traits are like personality traits, not simply a declaration of gender.
I also get a calculation that you have 31 points in positive qualities, 14 points in negative qualities, and a might of 15, which leaves you 2 points overspent.
PeVi effects are too general for an immunity, though I will allow for immunity against magical depletion of your might and might pool as a greater immunity.

given its placement, were you aware that no fatigue is a greater, not lesser quality?

I was generally aware of that, but in counting stuff up I probably missed it.

Seems reasonable.

Added reputations from flaws. Exchanged Great Communication for Gentlewoman, since she is, at least in theory, from a noble line. I really only realized that might still be important reading the land thread.

you are still one over on your might accounting... 30 points in qualities > 14 points in inferiorities+15 might

Derp. I changed the Virtues from Qualities, and removed an improved Characteristics and lowered Per, but didn't delete a minor virtue quality.

okay, looks good, in a season or two (probably fall- rising dead seems like a fall thing...) we will get her in the game

The first three posts of Tayma have been changed to reflect the reverant version. The story has gotten some minor edits, most notably the rising now has more ambiguous circumstances so they can fit more adventures. :slight_smile: The sheet itself has had Death Walks Behind changed to corpus, and Deathly Chill's target is now listed as part, as I think it should be. Its chilling part of the air. Her might now has Corpus listed as its type.

Something just struck me: Deathly chill has a cost of 3 and you only have a might of 2- you can't actually use this power...

15 levels of the greater power were spent to reduce cost. 15 levels converts to three mastery points can reduce the cost to 0.

except the base cost was 6, so you reduced it to 3.

If I'm reading Greater Power right, and we haven't any houserules on the matter the cost is magnitude/2, or three to start with. Lesser powers are one per magnitude and personal powers are magnitude/2 again.

GTG now sorry about terse reply.

I'm used to lesser powers, so you are correct. Don't worry about the terseness.

I assume that Tayma is the girl in the delicate matter thread?


Added the experience from adventures as described here