Those are all fine.
I wish Jonah would show up and play Ivor... DO YOU HEAR ME, JONAH?

Do yu want to play 4+ characters yourself :question:

Not really...I was just throwing out names in case somebody didn't have a character of their own to bring in and didn't know who to play. If I wanted to play everyone, I'd just write a short story...or novella, knowing me.

Haha woops! Posted in the other thread before reading this one.

Very happy to play Ivor here. The Welsh shepherd family Iosephus brought could also be a possibility, if we need more grogs on this.

Let's get a few grogs in Fiona's thread.
Also zlorfick is going to need a few grogs (knowing sheep isn't a bad idea) over in his thread, and possibly his companion.

Seumas knows sheep fairly well (must...resist...urge..to...make...tacky...Scotsman...joke). Probably doesn't know much French yet, since Silviatos's situation is in fall and he's probably only been there two months, out working the sheep.

It is different, I'll grant that. Never been in a campaign where the chairman/princeps/disceptator rotated every quarter. I'd imagine it's probably pretty difficult for the mortals to wrap their minds around, too. But then, they'd probably go to the autocrat for anything, anyway – at least until they get used to the magi's Gifts.

Except for the bits about Apollodorus being Princeps Emeritus and his donations to the covenant, it's a pretty standard boilerplate charter straight from the book. If we have issues down the road, we can always amend it to fit our situation.

I remember throwing out a couple of ideas way back when, but there wasn't really any discussion, nor any other ideas brought out. If those are the only options on the table, I'm kind of leaning toward Mons Restituisse – mainly because of the play on words, with restituisse meaning both rebuilt and reformed. On the other hand, Mons Restaurata is easier for my English tongue to spit out.

Well Apollodorus has his reasons, although he could always be mistaken.

Those were good, but I hadn't seen any discussion, either in or out of character.
Now that the Charter has been revealed IC, I'd expect there to be some nominal discussion from the Magi...

Is anyone else hearing this in Alan Rickman's voice?

On Lurch's body.

How much of this would Fiona have already known: Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore (Magi of the British Isles) 3 + die roll of 4 = 8 to know about the Tremere in Loch Leglean, Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore 2 + die roll of 7 = 10 (11 if it falls under "Magi of the British Isles) to know what an Exarch is and the deal about one covering four Tribunals.

(as an aside: s'what I get for checking stuff in Lions of the North :smiley: - granted, it's 3rd ed., but the only thing out there about Loch Leglean, afaik)

She would know that there are a few Tremere in Loch Leglean and Hibernia. There's also a House covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal.
The political structure of the house, an exarch and stuff would be less well known unless Fiona regularly attended Tribunals. And even then, it would be a senior Tremere in the Loch Leglean casting votes as the Exarch had directed.

Well, considering that I built her as something of a politician (Code of Hermes/Political Intrigue, Bargain, Guile, and Intrigue), I was thinking that she would have attended the Loch Leglean Tribunal regularly.

It's conceivable that you're unfamiliar with the term Exarch, since there are so few Tremere in Loch Leglean, and the Exarch wasn't there. You know that one Tremere, the most senior in the Tribunal, votes with all the sigils of less senior Tremere. You might've found it curious, but never inquired as to why this was.

Seeing as how it's been two weeks plus since the last post in Fiona's thread, with no sign of anyone throwing any grogs into the fray, do you want to just use, say, three "The Standard Soldier" grogs from p. 22 of the rulebook and if anyone wants to take them over, they can?

We can even pretend they have names :laughing: : Albert, Bertrand, and Charles (good solid French names, all).

Either that or cast your spell on Ivor. I have been reworking some things due to a seeming unwillingness for players to be involved in another player's magus thread.

Any of the soldier grogs I made would be fine, I'll be happy to play one of them.

Ivor, I would rather not cast the spell on...he would be of more use as a bodyguard than as an intelligent wolf.

I think part of that might be our (as players) unfamiliarity with who's available. For example, I think Wilhelm would be a good fit for Onesiphorus's thread, but he doesn't live in the covenant and wouldn't know unless someone told him that the magus is investigating those funny-looking trees over there. And we have a few statted-out shepherds that might work in Silviatos's thread - possibly one of them might have seen something or have been in charge of the sheep that got mauled.

I can understand this. Would you have a grog that you brought with you that you've done this to before? Consider that someone might not really be wild about this...

I have a similar level of familiarity. Grogs can be as fleshed out as necessary. As far as grogs available that you didn't bring those would primarily belong to players, with some available from Apollodorus (and those need to be created). Grogs who worked for Apollodorus before everyone came on, and coming with other Magi will likely be unused to individual character's manegerial styles...
I'd say that there could be 10-15 grogs available from Apollodorus's staff available to do non servant/teamster/pages roles (he had a tendency to pay [overpay] staff with specialized skills to do stuff as needed, not hire them for permanent staff).

In most cases, I don't need a lot of info for an instagrog, name, spoken languages (virtue granting Latin, if necessary and a balancing flaw), rough age, notable skill/ability and we can go from there. If I need combat stats, we can cross that bridge when necessary. We can always flesh it out in more detail at a later date if you think you like something about the character. Is that fair?

Hmm...checking my newly-minted spreadsheet of Every Character Posted Here Somewhere, let's say Brione de Rey (if Alexei doesn't mind), Michelle le Rouge, and a couple of red-shirts. Sound good?

Works for me.