30 Pages in November

Dear sodales,

As one of the first initiatives in the transition of Head Redcap responsibilities (see thread: [url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/the-new-head-redcap/10995/1]) I'm excited to launch a writing campaign inviting you to contribute to Project: Redcap by expanding the material on the site. There's interest in the ArM community for writing prompts throughout the month of November (see "Things we should write" thread [url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/intellego-and-warping/142/1]). This is bolstered by the annual occurrence of NaNoWriMo (http://nanowrimo.org), and many of you are itching to flex your creative muscles. With that in mind, I'm formally kicking off the "30 Pages in November" project.

The idea is that a page on Project: Redcap will be announced in this forum thread during each of the 30 days in November. Take the daily announcement as your invitation to edit that page with new or updated content that will be of benefit to the ArM community. Some pages to be announced will be existing pages which have content gaps or simply need to be updated to reflect rules or updates from new ArM products, and some pages will be new pages.

Don't feel that you have to limit creative energies to only the announced page(s). You're welcome to edit any other Project: Redcap site pages with new and updated content as you desire.

A few guidelines as you edit Project: Redcap pages --

  • New or novice ArM players rely heavily on Project: Redcap (I can attest to this), and being as thorough as possible with new or updated content, especially in explanatory text, is very helpful.
  • There's lots of good information in these forums that can provide good content to Project: Redcap pages. Links to forum discussion threads related to the site page can be linked to in the "References" section.
  • Feel free to post questions and comments to this forum thread.
  • Have fun!

Useful links for editing Project: Redcap --

Gratitude is due --
I don't want to give the impression that the 30 Pages in November was a singular pursuit. I'm immensely grateful to Ben McFarland, Pelle Kofod, and, of course, Andrew Gronosky, for their involvement in this endeavor.

Dear sodales,

Let's kick-off the 30 Pages in November campaign with the product page for Faith and Flame. It's an existing page with basic information about the product, but could use additional description, links to forum discussions, etc.

Here's a link to the Faith and Flame page on Project: Redcap --


I added a chapter outline, summaries of the critical first three chapters, and an obvious place for people to post reviews and commentary. That's about all I'll have time to contribute for the next couple of days.

If you value Project: Redcap and want to see it realize Walter's vision of becoming the go-to reference for Ars Magica, please take half an hour and pitch in to edit some of the pages. For one person, this project is more work than any volunteer should be expected to do. For the whole community working together, it's a lark! Let us work together as one and grow hale and strong.

Thank you, Andrew, for the contribution and for the support. The community-supported aspect of Project: Redcap is truly unique in the roleplaying industry. While many other RPGs may have extensive support on the Interweb, I've not experienced any other gaming community that actively encourages contributions from its members, whether via the forums or on a single site such as Project: Redcap. The ArM community gives back to itself with a spirit that's respectful, supportive, and beneficial. I'm looking forward to your contributions so that Project: Redcap can be that go-to resource for the game we all love.

Thank you,

I can understand English but my Grammar is awful.

I'm French by the way, so I would be glad to translate some articles, when I will have time to.

Excellent! Project: Redcap supports multiple languages. Please see Help: Languages, Language Policy, and Category: Languages for more information.

Also, if you are not a native English speaker and are worried about your grammar, please feel free to jump in and edit. Your contribution will be valuable for its ideas. Project: Redcap is a wiki. People can simply edit the page to improve the grammar, if needed.

Edit: added link to Language Policy

Don't feel apprehensive about contributing, Cathelineau. We all can add value in many different ways, and ensuring that the French Ars Magaca fanbase is included is important; along with other non-English-speaking ArM fanbases. The international aspect of the site speaks to the sense of fellowship among Ars Magica players.

The way I see it, the Forums, the Atlas Games' product site, and Project: Redcap comprise our (meta) Covenant.

Dear sodales,

I'm excited to announce that the Project: Redcap page for today is the Covenant page:


This is a page that could use some updates to the existing sections to elaborate on the current descriptions. Please consider volunteering a small amount of your time to make updates to the "A Typical Covenant" and "Seasons" sections. "Kinds of Covenants" could use additional description too.

Happy editing!


I added a new section to the Covenant page entitled "An Example Covenant" that references Semita Errabunda on the Atlas Games ArM5 main page. Feel free to add additional content, whether it's new or updated.


I said I was out of time and that was basically true, but once I saw what Walter had started I couldn't help myself. I changed "example covenant" to "example covenants" and added lots more links. :wink: Plus started a section on building your own covenant.

There is lots more to say about covenants. What would you want to say about covenants to a friend who was just starting out in Ars Magica? Post it here.

Many thanks to those who are pitching in to make Project: Redcap more awesome!

Dear sodales,

I'm excited to announce that the Project: Redcap page for today (November 3, 2016) is the Character Generation page:


This is a very important page that’s often referenced. It could use some of your wisdom with updates on best practices and guidelines that players may consider during character creation. It currently contains two existing sections on gaming styles which could use some content:

The Narrativist Approach
The Gamist Approach

However, there’s lots that can be added to help new players in navigating the character creation steps in the ArM5 book.

What to consider when using supplementary material such as the Houses books?
How the the troupe’s conception of the Covenant influences the creation of individual Magi?

These are just a few examples. Let your experience guide you in making updates to this page.

Thanks to those who’ve contributed site updates to the 30 Pages in November campaign.
It appears that there’s interest in a friendly competition between the Berk List and the ArM forums about making updates to Project: Recap. I’ve heard rumblings over there…. :smiley:


Dear sodales,

The Project: Redcap page for today (November 4, 2016) is the Saga page:


This page describes the unique characteristics of a saga and distinguishes it from what is commonly called a campaign in other RPGs. What are some words of wisdom you can provide to new troupes just beginning their sagas?

This page is accompanied by a sister page in français: http://www.redcap.org/page/Sagas_francophones
I’m glad that the French-speaking Ars Magica community is represented on the site. It’s a testament to the one-stop reference for Ars Magica that Project: Redcap embodies. Thank you, Cathelineau, for making many contributions to the French Saga page.

Don’t forget there’s a competition going on between the “Team Berkeley” and “Team Forum.” Team Forum has a head start on updating the French Saga page. Who else wants to show Team Berkeley that you can make more updates than them? Represent!


Just in case it wasn't clear, you aren't limited to editing each page only on the day it is unveiled. So even though today's page is Saga, if you have an idea for an update to an earlier page like Faith and Flame, it's not too late!

I was the one who had the idea for the friendly competition between the Berk List and the forum. I'm on Team Berkeley. We'll count score at the end of the month -- so you guys have a chance to catch up. 8)

(Actually thanks to Cathelineau, "Team Forum" is way ahead right now. French updates count!)

Totally true!

The pages announced daily during the 30 Pages in November campaign (this thread) were selected by a small group of collaborators (Ben McFarland, Pelle Kofod, Andrew Gronosky, Walter Croft) as areas on Project: Redcap that could use updated content, new content or minor rewrites. Take the announcements as daily writing prompts for encouragement, and know that you're not limited to the specific page announced on that day. You're invited to edit any of the pages on Project: Redcap.



Community contributions are what make Project: Redcap the one-stop resource for Ars Magica players, young and old. The site updates momentum is building and I’m excited to announce that the Project: Redcap page for today (November 5, 2016) is the Season page:


The Developmental Stage section which describes the Four Seasons metaphor could use more explanation. Consider taking 30 minutes to contribute to the site.
The References section would also benefit from updates with any links that provide additional detail on Seasons.


I've put a scoreboard online. At the time of this writing, Team Berkeley is considerably ahead, 6206 characters to 4941 -- but the month is young.

I also wrote down the rules by which I'm counting score. I think they're fair.

Remember, I'm on Team Berkeley, which is why Team Berkeley is ahead. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck, and may the best team win!

Just re-used some stuff I wrote about seasons a while ago.

I also have some examples, but they didn't really fit.

I put some time in on the Four Seasons. I'd like to expand the list of covenants which typify each season. Can someone confirm if the Season trope was found in 1st edition? I'd also like to see someone write up the argument against using Seasons to describe covenants, most vocally articulated by Timothy.

I've just edited "Welcome to Ars Magica" page, section "Your first covenant", so as to provide a link to pdf "Ars_Magica_5_A_Vanilla_Covenant.pdf" which is a compilation of all resources from Timothy Ferguson's sample covenant of Sabrina's Rest.

The pdf is still a work in progress, but it will be completed when ironboundtome has done Maga Asteria of Verditius…

EDIT : also edited Covenant page with same informations… but forgot to write a comment saying "team forum"… my bad !

No problem. Thanks for letting us know what team you represent! :slight_smile: