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You will be missed. Good luck and God bless. Feel free to visit any time.

I can't :smiley:

Blast. Antoine was great.
But, well, I think I can relate :wink:
Good luck to you, I wish you lots of fun and happy games.

Now, retiring Antoine is simple. Say, he discovers references to a secure trove containing Valdarian initiations scripts. He leaves, with a team of grogs, for what is supposedly a simple matter. He doesn't come back. And the other magi are too busy to go to his research (unless someone wants to, there's a story waiting to be told here)

Let's not have him disappear quite so quickly. He still owes me a season of assistance. :slight_smile:

And considering we still have Kesara on the books, he might float around the covenant for a little while without trouble.

Things have been hectic for me the past few days. i am fully read up, just have not taken the time to reply. Fatigued. I will drop post cluster-bombs soon though :slight_smile:

Very hectic here too. I owe a lot of updates; they're not all forgotten.

Anyone want to poke their head over to my development thread and comment on my lab plans? Marko wanted some other people to look at it for mechanics.

There is no letter "c" in the Greek alphabet.
Just a minor pet peve. No big deal :laughing:

M-A-R-K-O-K-O, I'm the one they call Mar-ko-ko. Up and down the streets of Chicago, I spread the love wherever I go.


Peering into the future...
"The Visitor" is just about closed out, and I am still trying to salvage "Escape from the City of Brass". Finishing those will bring us mostly up to date. There are some loose threads in the years 39-41 I would like to tie up. "The Exarch" represents what I am doing for the Tribunal year and is why I was holding back at that year.
I would like to get back into development planning and new stories, projecting though to the end of 1245. Figure on 8 to 10 seasons free time and two to four reserved for stories/adventures/special events. My newest story is The Exarch and I have no specific other story plans for these years. Unless the covenant agrees to host the Flambeau convocation. I need Summer 1243 for that. And I suppose wherever it is held, that is a story event for all Flambeau magi present.
So does any one else here have a story they want to run during that period? Are there any issues we need to address? Is there any specific event someone would like to occurr?
For my characters, I am hoping to have Carmen bind a Familiar. A Griffon :slight_smile:
Roberto needs an Apprentice if he is to ever become Archmagus one day.

I have a follow-up adventure planned after Ancient History, and a small flavor interlude that can fit in just about anywhere or anywhen.

I would like Andorra to host the Flambeau Convention: Vibria because Flambeau, and Guiverna because there'll be that many more men she hasn't slept with yet.

I would also like a story wherein Vibria explores the Terragon Mists in her quest to once again take the form of the fearsome dragon.

I am beginning to suspect Guiverna was abused as a child.

I've been reading the Exarch thread, and the theory its a Tremere ploy. If House Tremere really does want to get on Mercere's bad side and play hardball, House Mercere does have a lot of Redcaps in Tremere's little pet Transylvania Tribunal. There are some disagreements about the numbers, but House Tremere wants some more Redcaps. Maybe House Mercere could use that as a bargaining chip for some support. See if you can get one Redcap per Magi in the tribunal, plus a little extra. Next Tribunal you March the ringleaders of this antibank ploy and seize their assets. Boom! Now you no longer have trouble repaying debts. Plus it should stop House Tremere from starting a war, or at least force the traitors into the open, or just kill some innocent Tremere leaders.

Then you pass some better banking regulation at the next Grand Tribunal.

Also if House Mercere is poor, they could get some cheap longevity rituals from the wonderful duo, Cecilio and Purity!

That's assuming that the Tremere really are behind things, of course. If they're not, House Mercere doesn't want to give away the farm to them for no reason.

Damaging Mercere is a pretty silly way for the Tremere to get power; as Mercere are not really a thread to begin with and it weakens the Order as a whole.
I could see the Exarch lying about the Tremere vis reserves , or being mislead by a faction. However if the Tremere controlled enough senior covenants to make them create a "shorting of vis" as a threat then they already rule the Order.

I agree (an opinion Lucas will set forth as time goes on). It just doesn't seem like a Tremere plot to me. They are all about keeping the Order strong, and this weakens the Order tremendously.

What is happening is the use of magic is disrupting the fabric of society :laughing:

News doesn't travel this fast amongst mundanes, not even by Redcaps in normal circumstances. Also, as advanced as it may seem, this is a Medieval banking system based on a consumbable commodity. This may well be simply a series of unrelated events impacting a delicate primative banking system not designed to cope with surprise.
Or Blackthorne and House Tremere are behind it. That is what English Erik and Irish Richard think. They have adapted thier theory to fit Richeaux's and have convinced Heirich who suspects Fengheld and the Tremere-Flambeau alliance there.

But this is all spill over. By talking about it here in OCC, you might give me ideas that I will secretly retcon into my plot.

Exactly. More, Moar! (that'll happen in the proper thread too)
The Ex Misc have decided to disrupt the fabric of hermetic society, so that all become Miscellaneous. Bjornaer will cut and run into the forest (again), Criamon will prepare for the great unraveling (again, perpetually), and the Tytali have spent their last vis on popcorn so they can watch the whole thing burn.

Cecilio would probably like to meet the Exarch. She would have suggestions for dealing with Vis shortages to start with.

Edit: Any ideas on how to sneak in?

The issue with Valten need to be resolved. I'm not ready, but the spider is (meaning, I've not yet written what she did, but she did something).
Beyond that, there's the question of why? This goes beyond a single mage attack on Andorra.

Theoretically, I had a small, rough idea for an adventure in Sa Dragonera, but that'll have to hold for the moment. Still theoretically, I have even more rough patches revolving around Herakleion.

I'd like to tell you to let me chew on that, but, well :-/ You've seen my posting rate, and the AGES it took me to go through an adventure as simple and rough as the visitor :blush:

Arachné would never think this. To her, tremere are friendly to the redcaps, and allies. This would be a very stupid thing for them to do.

Arachné would sooner follow Intissar's opinion: this is a plot by Pietro and his flambeau cabal.

So I have been thinking about Owlbears lately. This saga has a million loose ends and dropped threadlings. Ten years ago, Vibria and Vocis discovered three owlbear eggs. Now, there is the option for placing them in stasis. But only if you get Carmen involved. Her father had a device, it is down in the basement. Not a deus ex machina. It was something Carmello did for an egg he found and was saving for Antonio to make a familiar. Which never happened.
So you can do that. But Carmen has a grudge against Vibria concerning eggs. :mrgreen:
If they were hatched, I need to know if you tried to train them and for what, or vivisected them, released them, or what. Owlbears live for about 25 years. They grow to full size in less than a year and begin mating at about three. They breed about every two or three years. And lay eggs. And form cave nests (dens).
Owlbears cannot be domesticated, but they can be trained in captivity if raised from an egg.