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Just read this.

I love this, even if it'll weaken my character :laughing:

Could we adopt this? Although I'd prefer a +5 to soak per magnitude (which is also consitant with the Ward against heat and flame)

LOL, we have two competing Ward House rules going on here. I like Xavi's heresies sometimes. Bring it to the troupe at large, and we will go with what the majority wants to do.

Does it goes against your ward rules?
I didn't think so, I'll have to read it again.

Found this:

This is not contradictory to the other rule, IMO

Well I vote for Xavi's HR. I have long been of the camp that penetration for wards (which are just walls to prevent things) is silly. Only effects that actually seeks to actively impact the target should require penetration. passive wards which actually target the caster or those being protected do nothing more than block the aggressor from attacking just like a normal brick wall does.

So my hand up for Xavi's ward rule.

I’m game for it.



yeah, that's my little tribute to the old man. The original old map I have for the covenant looks a lot like the Keep on the Borderlands. The Caverns of Entropy are not the Caves of Chaos at all. These cavers are full of dark faeries and evil spirits. Symbols of pagan Basque woship can be found on the walls, though all (current) Basque settlements are further east.

I will consider the wards issue overnight

Yeah, and we have the X-Men and others here too.... :slight_smile:

Mark, I love your worlds and your comprehensive knowledge of all things Iberian, but man, you could really use a name consultant.

:smiley: You are correct sir! I am much better now than I used to be, but some moldy bad names (Fuego Conflagaratius) have hung around since the 90's

I vote for both :laughing:

Xavi's for personnal wards (with +5 instead of +3, as per ward against heat and flames), and marko's for circular one.


just wondering if it's worth having a "House Rules" sticky for reference where you can post the agreed upon House Rules eg. wards.





Indeed, once we are settled on all these issues, I will post a short and sweet House Rules thread.

Re-re-re-revised Wards rule
In a flash of insight, Xavi’s genius just became clear to me. I still insist a proper ward should match Technique and Form. Circle Wards are good for their level. Rersonal wards are completely different.

Reading the spell ReIg25 Ward against Heat and Flames, it does indeed keep the fire away from you. It does not touch you. It doesn’t affect your soak, it simply only allows a little bit of fire through (the damage over 15 points). Now take ReTe25 Wizard’s Ward against Weapons, which repels all attacks by steel weapons whether you are aware of them or not. Trading that for a +15 soak, from a story guide perspective, is an insidious delight (I am part killer DM when the moon is full). Personal Wards against animals or people? It repels them unless they can put that much strength behind their actions. Personal Wards against beings with a might score are all or nothing, depending on penetration, but you do not subtract level from casting total and the ward must always match Realm and Form.

And the Colombae have ward powers that make all of us look silly!

Wasn't it Christopher Columbae who discovered the New Ward? :laughing:

:mrgreen: nyuck nyuck nyuck

BoXer, that does beat mine for the "lamest joke of the day" award :laughing:


Thank you Thank you! :smiley:

I'm deeply honoured to be the biggest cornball! :wink:

Labs It seems that the Lab Rules do state that the installation of Virtues requires additional time beyond refinement. It says that, as a rule of thumb, Free Virtues take a few days, Minor Virtues up to a season, and Major ones up to two seasons. This seems extreme, but I will let it be unless you all wish to open up the issue for debate.

Also, presume we have adequate craftsmen, so that Superior Equipment and Superior tools do not add to Upkeep.

Lab Texts I want everyone to pick 150 levels of Spells/Lab Texts that are already in the library. This means no new inventions, but you can choose anything in published materials or from the spell wiki. Send the list to me as a private message, and I will create our Spell/Lab Text Library.

Characters Let’s try to get everyone’s character up in the Character Sheets thread. We can revise it as we go along. My original projection was to start game in mid June, so I think we are on track. PbP games are painfully slow. Let us try and revolutionize this medium of play! I am looking for beta and gamma storyguide volunteers. With this many characters, we can have multiple storylines and sub-plots simultaneously. But in order to succeed in that, I need help DMing the game. Yes, I am super old school :smiley:, but I ain’t got no grey hairs yet and I partied until dawn at the club the other night, so at heart I am younger than any of you :laughing: !

Toledo Steel
Okay, you guys have pretty much decided who is from Spain, who has been here a while, and who just got here. If you are an arms & armour kind of guy and you are from Spain or have been here a while, you may have quality armaments at no extra cost to you. This is because you have access to Toledo steel equipment. The technique has spread around, but Toledo is still the center of greatness for craftsmen. A Quality sword has a +1 bonus to both Attack and Defense. A mail hauberk has a +1 protection, and a full suit has +1 Protection and -1 Load. Other weapons have a bonus of +1 damage. A full suit of Metal Reinforced Leather or Metal Scale has a +1 protection.

House Rules
I am indeed going to create a House Rules sticky, but first I want to discuss exactly what these are and what should be written. So far, we have the Wards rule, the 40xp a year (average source quality 10) rule, a new Virtue for Dragan (Boxer), designed by Boxer and some new Virtues and Flaws for Viola (Scott/MT Knife), designed by myself. Oh, and I apply a penalty to Text Quality for Age &/or Damage (-1 Minor, -3 Moderate, and -5 Major). So that’s 5 House Rules I recall. Is this accurate.

As far as allowing multiple story flaws and more than two personality flaws, that is not a House Rule insomuch as it an interpretation of the rules concerning the difference between Can Not and Should Not.

Interesting Facts
I do not recall where I got my information concerning the agriculture of Andorra. They reputedly make really good wine, and I think they also make olive oil. Being up in the mountains like we are, I figure we also raise dairy cattle. But anyway, I just discovered that modern style cattle ranching was invented in medieval Spain. Techniques used in the New World, such as free ranging, herding & driving, and roping & branding, are being developed right now in the central peninsula. Oh, and Catalan peasants have it really harsh in this era. Our villagers are not peasants, which is probably an anomaly. But that’s okay. We do not live in historic Arans. We live in Mythic Arans, which lies in Mythic Andorra.