1221.5 You Put Your Big Foot In, You Put Your Big Foot Out

"Our hands are tied with respect to him. You have freedom to act that we lack. You'll be suprised to find most of your lab intact. The only things missing are the few small things you took with you," Drystan says.

Fiona looks at Drystan. [color=blue]"Yes, I am quite surprised. I had thought that Faileas would have razed it to the ground by now."

She turns to leave. [color=blue]"If you will excuse me, I would like to see what I can salvage that can aid Angus in his recovery."

She will go back to her old cottage and check the lab, any stores that may still be in there, and the garden to see if she will be able to brew a healing potion with her Mythic Herbalism ability or if she will have to take time to track the ingredients/supplies down.

Mythic Herbalism + Perception will help me determine how functional Fiona finds the lab.

Mythic Herbalism 3 + Per 0 + die roll of 8 = 11.

Fiona can create a potion to help Angus, with a -1 penalty to the roll for determining the ease factor.
However, to get started now would be futile, given the impending change...

Fiona finishes examining the lab (which seems to be in pretty good shape, all things considered), then finds a place to sit and think for a few minutes. She's fairly certain she can still concoct a fairly effective potion for Angus that will aid in his healing (giving a +6, most likely), with an Ease Factor of 9 and a penalty of -1 to her roll due to the slight dilapidation of her lab. Such a potion would take three days to brew, however, and Drystan estimated that the next full moon is three or four days away..

She does a little figuring to see try to determine if he's right, or to try to pinpoint it a little. Int 1 + Artes Liberales 2 + die roll of 2 = 5, so that's probably about right...but she can't reckon it any closer than that, so she'll go with it.

She will also try to think about the most effective way to contain, control, or ward her during her transformation without harming her. Int 1 + Magic Lore 2 + die roll of 1 (followed by die roll of 7, so 14) = 17.

It's unlikely that her garden would have any wolf's bane (aconitum napellus), since werewolves and vampires haven't been a problem before, she's never needed to craft any invisibility potions, and she has had little interest in making poisons. The flowers are right pretty, though.

Is the Loch Ness area considered highlands? Scottland geography is not my strong suit...

If so, I might consider that there as a chance fir wolfsbane to be present, I believe it can be distilled for medicinal value, so you might have it on a per+mythic herbalism roll of indeterminate difficulty (I haven't put a number on it). But, that said, even if wolfsbane is there, it is unlikely that you'll be able brew anything in time.

Warding seems to be the best alternative, separate wards for animal and corpus, and possibly one for vim, might allow Fiona to remain unchanged. All would require dropping Parma to get to full effectiveness, or their wards would have to penetrate the Parma...

Yep. In fact, first line of its Wiki entry says "Loch Ness...is a large, deep freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands."

Okily dokily. Per 0 + Mythic Herbalism 3 + die roll of 7 = 10.

I think that's the plan we're going to have to go with. I'm just trying to figure out what Fiona's going to do for the next three or four days. She will probably spend a good part of it visiting with Angus (if he's awake often enough to talk coherently) and the rest of the MacOssian clan, and a good part of it visiting with the other magi, now that she no longer sees them as the "Oppressors" (well, except maybe for Faileas, and I think right now she pities him as much as anything else). She will also talk to Duncan, feel him out to see what his plans are for after his Gauntlet, to see what he thinks of his master, stuff like that.

The next few days seem to pass, and some of the symptoms become more apparent as the full moon approaches. Angus seems to be doing better, but could definitely use some magical assistance to speed his recovery. Unfortunately, the apprentice never seems to be out of Faileas' sanctum, so she doesn't get an opportunity to talk to him.

[Do you want to rp out the next few days or FF to the time of change?]

Let's go ahead and fast forward.

After dinner, the evening of the first full moon, someone sends for you to come to Faileas' sanctum. When you arrive, Drystan and Ion are already there.

[color=blue]"The time has come, then, sodales?" Fiona asks as she looks at each one in turn, checking to see if Duncan is around to either help or watch.

[color=blue]"Where do you want me? And is there anything I can do to help, aside from suppressing my Parma when the time comes? I have learned Wizard's Communion at the sixth magnitudes of effect."

"That would be helpful." Drystan hands you a token.

[Go ahead do a commune for each of the wards.]

Target spell level for all three is 30.

For the Corpus ward: Mu 16 + Vim 6 + Sta 3 + Mastery 1 + Aura 3 + die roll of 2 = 31.

For the Animal ward: Mu 16 + Vim 6 + Sta 3 + Mastery 1 + Aura 3 + die roll of 7 = 36

For the Vim ward: Mu 16 + Vim 6 + Sta 3 + Mastery 1 + Aura 3 + die roll of 6 = 35.

Ivor will be standing by. I haven't seen any conversation where he could input anything so he has been quite. I'm guessing he would be outside the sanctum.

Fiona has been effectively warded and is unable to move from beyond Faileas' summoning circle. Ion and Drystan depart Faileas' sanctum after Fiona has been warded. Drystan says he'll see you in 4 mornings. There were three active wards put in place, binding Fiona to the circle, one was for Vim, one for Corpus and one for Animal.

After Drystan and Ion depart Faileas begins scribing another circle around the summoning circle. Some awareness might be helpful. Or a Per+Magic Theory...

It didn't seem as if Faileas did the actual casting of the rituals... (I mean he communed, but he didn't do the rituals, either Ion or Drystan did them).

Also, Faileas finger is touching the rock, and making a furrow, in it as if the outer circle is intended to be permanent. He's also humming somthing, but Fiona can't quite make it out.

Oh, cac, Fiona thinks as she tightens her grip on her Talisman, I don't like the looks of this.

[color=blue]"Faileas, what are you doing?"

"Just something so we don't disturb others with the screa- howling." He never looks you in the eye as he says this and completes scribing the circle.

Any chance I can clock him upside the head with my talisman before he can finish the the circle? Or do the wards already inscribed keep my Talisman inside as well? Initiative bonus is Qui -1 + Weapon Modifier 2 (using the "staff" entry) + Enc 0 = +1.