Table talk (Bibracte)

Sounds good to me.

And since Wilhelm's new chateau is on the Regio side of the covenant, he will probably be doing quite a bit of exploring just in his day-to-day hunting-for-sustenance.

I was thinking his chateau was on the mundane side, just down from Mont Beuvray. Remember Visciar fell through a portal and ended up in the middle of the forest and came upon Willhelm. It was then that she conjured his BPH.

Oh...I was thinking she was still on the regio side. Nevermind, then.

Although if he could get to the other side, there might be some good hunting and fishing over there, too.

And there was a couple of times that I thought someone might uncover his secret - when he went with Jormungandr to check out the flooding, and when Laetitia made off with him after the whole smoochie-smoochie thing.

Wasn't me. Somebody else's magus found him. But she cast the spell wherever William told her to.

I wasn't claiming that Willhelm was Viscaria's companion. I was clarifying the circumstances and location where Viscaria found Willhelm and where she created the BPH.

Willhelm, to my knowledge has no idea of there being a regio (or even if such a thing exists).

I went back and found the post where Isen found Wilhelm, and I can see where the confusion came up. It looks a little ambiguous, and it looks like I made a different assumption than you did. Isen was on his way back toward Mount Beauvray from exploring the regio side, and I thought that he was still on the regio side and that Wilhelm had somehow stumbled through, while it looks like you're saying that Isen had crossed back into the mundane side when he found Wilhelm.

But like I said, I'm cool either way. I'd be cooler with him being on the regio side, but shrug.

Ahh, ok. Well, Visciaria fell through, Isen followed. Isen got frustrated with her 45 minute spell and took off. Viscaria caught up and found them. There trip through the portal is one way, and I thought that was clear.

Too much detail! My head is going to explode.

I like the plan for future regio exploration.

Circle ceremonial spell of mine get out of control? :laughing:

I think we need to take a deep breath after these threads are wrapped up to figure out what everyone is doing. I know Korvin is not coming out of his Lab for quite some time. Jacques would love to explore but he needs study/lab time as well.

I also need to get a bunch of grogs speced out for you. It is on my list but I'm in the process of changing jobs at the moment. At least interviewing so I'm a bit limited on time to think about it. It is why the Phoenix thread has languished.

yeah I jammed a lot of action here. I expected research and study are strongly desired. So we will have so,e sort of break, including a council thread.

There's also the giant specter of how actions like this will affect our choices.

And I'm assuming the earthquake that started when Apollododus died is over?

Also, Jebrick, good luck with the job search.

It wasn't an earthquake so much as a shockwave. The earth relative to people didn't move.

Yeah, I realized as soon as I typed it that it wasn't the right word, but we had just gotten the call that the kitty was ready to be picked up so I didn't have time to go back and fix it.

Kitty better?

Yes, he is. Still not as feisty as he should be, but he should be in a day or two. It was a real scare, but now we know what not to give him (Sergeant's and any Hartz products, at least as far as flea and tick treatments go, tend to be more toxic than others such as Advantage. The big dog (the one we've nicknamed "mama-san") spent the first ten minutes Wally was home with her nose glued to her back, making sure he was okay. Even the greyhound checked on him. The other two cats seem pissed at him for getting sick and going away like that. shrug

quick question. A PeTe spell that is base 5 so that it can destroy metal. Can it also destroy stone and gemstones since it is just a magnitude increase for each? i.e. Base 3 destroys stone, base 4 destroys stone and gemstones, ect.

To me it seems logical to say yes but I'm guessing the answer is no.

I've made an exception for a spell that allows it to destroy stone and dirt (but only at the limited volume of stone), and that's Viscaria's Burrowfinger's spell. I was going to prevent additional exceptions in the future, and enforce a strict spell destroyes one type of material indicated by the guideline approach.

I'm of two minds on this issue, honestly. I'm inclined to allow destroy stone/dirt to stand as a general rule, but anything above destroying stone only destroys the type of material it was originally designed for. I might be able to be convinced to allow further modifications, but I would still keep the amount of material destroyed limited to what the volume of the material it was originally designed for.

I'd call this one of those cases where fluff matters. In other words, it depends on the spell description, what the spell is intended to do.

If the spell adds the magnitudes to affect stone/glass and metal/gemstone, then logically it should. But if you create a spell that, say , turns iron bars to dust, then it only affects bars made of iron, steel, etc.

Make sense?