Table talk (Bibracte)

(new thread for ooc talk that's not really game-related, or doesn't fit elsewhere)

wait...they turned Son of Sam into a sit-com?

(don't watch much television outside of sports, wrestling, and The Simpsons, and don't think I get that channel anyway, so this was news to me)

I think the show is called Norbert. It's based off a show in New Zealand or Australia I think. The 'dog' is plainly a man in a costume that only Elijah and the audience can see, to everyone else he's just a dog. But he talks to the main character in a way that perhaps a dog that could talk might do. I've only seen the pilot episode, but my brothers find it hilarious.

Obviously I'm still tired, because my first thought was, "Oh, man, it's gonna suck the first time he finds out the hard way that someone else might be using the privy when he wants to."

It's actually Wilfred (the link in the "sit-com" in my original post goes to the Wikipedia article for it. I had just never heard of it, and Son of Sam was the first thing I thought of when I heard the phrase "magical talking dog," (although in Berkowitz's case, I think the dog was pretty obviously Infernal-aligned).

I'm weird.

Yep. Wilfred, that's it. I knew it was some name like that. Though Norbert and Wilfred don't share too many letters...

Damn! I should totally have put "No need to use the loo" into the mystery path alongside "no need to eat/drink" and "no need to breathe"

Ah well. Looks like I'm gonna pay for that one.... :smiley:

From Germany (check)
Pagan (check)
Hedge Wizard (maybe)
Diedne (That's a big check)

These are a few of Alexei's favorite things...

Hmmm...yeah, be very good at keeping secrets...

Loving the new "Apollodorus builds A Covenant" thread! So mysterious...

One of my favourite bits of any campaign is getting the first hints of plot - I wonder what's really going on here? It seems Apollodorus has a lot more going on here than he's let on...

I went and saw the Fright Night remake last night. Loved it! Fright Night (the original) was always one of my favorites as a kid. This was very cool, I highly reccomend it.

I am sorry to tell but I must withdraw from this game. I can’t keep up the pace for the moment. I had a cool concept for a magus inspired by this song and it looks great saga but for now it is more than enough work to keep up with the games that I run.

I said this in PM, I'll say it publicly. I can craft stories that will suit the pace of different posting speeds, and am more than willing to do this. This is a key reason why I've structured the stories to happen the way they will.
If posting speed is the only issue, please don't let it be.

Ok, I am convinced to stay. I like gaming after all. I will keep working on my magus but the rest (companions, grogs, covenant build points) but wait for some time or be given to someone else. Perhaps I can in time read up on the other material.

Excellent. I'll steward your build points and spend wisely on your behalf.

Glad you're sticking around.

Bravo, good sir. My hat is off to you!


Glad you liked the backstory. I think we have a good group of magi here.

Alright place your bets, place your bets!

I've got ten Mythic Pounds here that say "Alexei".

What, no vis?

(No vis - just quietly, the 7-foot tall guy with the scimitar looks pretty nasty... but don't tell qcipher I said that :smiley: )