Table talk (Bibracte)

Suddenly this spell might be necessary...

I had held off designing a spell or enchantment to bring his Talisman to him, but now it might be a good idea. If he were to do it, I'm thinking he could do it Spontaneously without fatigue, here's the breakdown.

ReHe (Terram requisite for spearhead maybe?)
R: Personal (it is a Talisman) D: Momentary T: Individual
Base: 5? Moving wood unnaturally.

He's not teleporting it, if it's nearby he wouldn't need to, what's the base for moving a piece of wood?

Alexei's non-fatiguing spell total would be: 5 or so (+2 Sta, +11 Re +10He/Te, +3 Circumstance = 26/5)

Personal range only applies if you're touching it[1]. It would have to be sight range or arcane if it were out of sight.
I get the following Base (4) + Range (3) +requisite (1)=20
Base 4 to account for affecting wood in a slightly unnatural manner, Range 3 for sight and +1 for the terram requisite

Note: you could do voice range reducing magnitude by 1, if you say something, to 15th level. But that will also trip of Mufarjj who will be able to act before your spell goes off, and also end up forcing another Concentration roll.

[1]MRB: "Your talisman is considered to be a part of you as long as you are toucing it."

The Level 3 Guideline for Rego Herbam is "Control an amount of wood." +2 magnitudes to up the Range from Personal to Voice. Duration (Momentary) and Target (Individual) are probably unchanged. And if the spear is all wood except for the head...I'm not sure I would require a Requisite for moving the the spearhead as well, if it's securely attached to the speak (kind of like not requiring a Terram requisite to Rego a man in metal armour). But then, I'm not in charge :smiley: level would be 5, to make the spear fly to your hand?

(edited to mention that JL's answer posted while I was looking up and posting mine)

Yeah, Base is 3...not 4. The guidelines don't say anything about how it moves. I was thinking of my terram specialist(Atlas in A New Home)...and how earth moves is part of the base...

Sight: Base (3) + Range (3) +requisite (1)=15
Voice: Base (3) + Range (2) + requisite(1)=10

The requisite is necessary as the spear tip is quite large, and probably accounts for the bulk of the weight (see Darius's spear in the MRB, qcipher and I had discussed it, and that's what it looks like).

By the way, this has been a very useful exercise for me, it's gotten me some exposure experience to combat. Everything I knew from 16+ years ago has long since been forgotten. What I remembered was that Ars Magica combat is brutal and likely deadly when it happens.

Hmm, I thought that since it was Personal as a Talisman it would stay that way at a distance. Voice makes it more difficult for me as he has Short Ranged magic as a flaw. There's no way between the higher level and that flaw that he could cast it without fatigue, and would have a very hard time even fatiguing himself. OK let's see how this plays out.

I'm liking this also, I'm trying to run it in a swashbuckling type fashion with stunts rather than straight forward attacks and such. I could have tried paralyzing him right off the bat, now I have no Talisman...hmmm.

In the event your talisman were to fall into unfriendly magical hands, do you think you'd like to be affected by spells at personal range or Arcane Connection range? :smiley: We can HR it that way, if you'd like. It just means a talisman is even MORE important to keep close to you.

Can you edit your last post and be specific about a direction. You said not towards your party, but away. You have a good 180+ degrees to choose from away from your party. One presumes you don't want to teleport yourself up into the air...

No, don't houserule that, I just have to keep a better leash on my Talisman. Enchanting it to return will be the best bet.

They are surrounded right? He'll teleport straight to the left, I assume pre-port they are fighting a few paces in front of the cart and horses? He won't port right in the midst of this man's additional soldiers though.

Not entirely surrounded, no. there wasn't anyone else behind Mufarjj.

I'll re-edit then to go behind him.

Lurking and loving this fight scene!

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I'll have to make my rolls later tonight then, that castle sight is websensed at my office and I'm doing stuff right after work.

One of the things I've definitely noticed is that as a buffer, I still need to have decent stats in combat. His swordsmanship just puts mine to shame, and I devoted a decent amount of XP to Great Weapon. I'll have to add more stuff to the Talisman.

haha I know, I know! I'm totally late with that. But does the fact that we're preparing for a hurricane here count as an excuse?

No! That's what Rego Auram or Perdo Auram is for!

But seriously, please stay safe and careful, hopefully it will not be as damaging as they're saying and misses you.

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Great idea! I should definitely have thought of that.

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