Character creation

There is a mistake in Elemental Aegis - as written, it should be level 30, which means Ilia can't start with it :frowning:. For future reference, the spell was a combo of three effects:
Break the Oncoming Wave (ReAq 10, base effect level 5), a ReAu base 10 guideline that ward against a very severe weather phenomenon, and Ward Against Heat and Fire (ReIg 25, base effect level 4). The highest base is the ReAu 10, so it's a ReAu(AqIg) spell. The base needs to be increased by 2 magnitudes to offer +15 soak, and then once for touch and once for concentration, for a total of level 30. If the +2 mags for improved soak technically alter the base of the Ignem part (no idea here), it's also a base of 10.

I'm not sure that I follow about why adding more elements would weaken the warding. None of the base effects are wards in the sense of being circle spells, and the spell descriptions talk about flat effects - e.g. BtOW says that all waves and torrents, magical and not, are broken within 10 paces of you, and WAF&H has similar wording about fires. Normally, you'd have a higher spell level due to the requisites as the downside of multi-element spells for non-elemental magi, but my understanding of elemental magic is that is specifically avoids this problem.

If I just did an anti-elemental damage spell (basically WAF&H that covers Aq/Au/Te direct damage effects) how would that work? ReIg is the only one which talks about damage mitigation; ReAu says Base 10 protects against 'very severe weather' of which lightning is an example - so would a ReAu base 10 ward completely stop Incantation of Lightning's +30 damage, even though WaF&H only offers soak versus Ball of Abysmal Flame?

I think you're forgetting about requisites. They add magnitudes. So the calculation for the spell would be
Base 10 +2 requisites +1 touch +1 concentration.

That's what Elemental Magic is for :slight_smile: It says "there is no disadvantage in adding elemental Form requisites to any elemental spell. If an Aquam, Auram, Ignem or Terram spell has another element as a requisite, you may ignore the requisite.", so you can add elemental requisites without increasing the magnitude.

BRILLIANT! That's the thing that makes elemental magic worth it right?

Yep, because the bonus xp is not worth a major hermetic slot in a million years. I think that Flexible Formulaic or Flawless are stronger mechanically, but the flavour of Elemental Magic is awesome, and drives the magical development of a mage in a fun way (Mercurian Magic is another favourite of mine, for similar reasons).

My companion is basically done now - Eudocia. She's the ungifted descendant of one of the older magi in the parent covenant, and was originally trained as a scribe and teacher. However, she's much better with people than with books, and so she was trained as a steward, to help run the covenant day-to-day. When the newly gauntled magi were sent off, Eudocia went with them, partially to look after them, but also to cement some mundane trade deals while they dealt with magical things. Eudocia was taught the basics of realm lores and magic theory so that she could copy books; she now uses this knowledge to make 'suggestions' to the magi. Though she is socially skilled, her inability to not meddle in the lives of everyone around her means that she often doesn't get the best from her employees... (hence Difficult Underlings!).

Name: Eudocia
Age: 30
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +1, Str +1, Sta +1, Pres +2, Comm +2, Dex +1, Qik 0
Virtues: Custos*, Gossip, Luck, Arcane lore**, Social contacts: Greek merchants, Strong willed, Improved characteristics
Flaws: Meddler (major), Covenant upbringing, Difficult underlings, No sense of direction

  • Selected academic abilities
    ** I haven't spent the full 50xp from the virtue, as I can't see her having more than 1 rank in the relevant skills

Greek (Spoken) 5
Latin (Hermetic) 5
Order of Hermes lore (Theban tribunal) 1
Dominion lore (Recognising angels) 1
Infernal lore (Recognising demons) 1
Faerie lore (Recognising faeries) 1
Magic lore (Recognising creatures) 1
Magic theory (Sounding knowledgeable) 1
Profession: Scribe (hermetic tomes) 3
Profession: Steward (covenants) 3
Awareness (attention to detail) 2
Bargain (scribing materials) 3
Carouse (inappropriate drinking songs) 2
Charm (first impressions) 3
Chirurgy (magic accidents) 1
Etiquette (magi) 3
Folk Ken (magi) 4
Guile (lying to magi) 3
Intrigue (gossip) 3
Leadership (nagging) 2
Code of Hermes (political intrigue) 1
Artes liberals (grammar) 2
Teaching (small groups) 2

Just made some slight adjustments, but on my side Aurore is fine, if ou validate. I'll add the combat total etc when posting on the "finished" topic :slight_smile:

I really like your Magi KathD :slight_smile:

Eudocia has 6 flaws and 7 virtues, that will need to be balanced- social contacts is not allowed as you are adrift far away from any known social circles. Eliminating social contacts will balance the virtues and flaws.
Other than that I would suggest that Code of Hermes and Magic Lore being brought up to 2 each would seem appropriate to me and use up the remainder of her arcane study points.

For Aurore the question I originally asked still remains- you have virtues and flaws listed that I cannot find, and I asked for where they are taken from.

I'm sorry. Did not see your question the first time. So

All of them are in Grogs Book :

  • Forgettable Face p74
  • Magical fascination p81
  • Susceptible to warping p84

Which is a book I don't have.

Damned. Can I scan the pages ou do I ditch the virtues/flaws.
They are not broken Basically :

Forgettable face / minor / general
People forget you easily and have a -3 when trying to identify you.

Magical fascination / Minor / personality
Always willing to be volunteer when mission involving magic are in stake. You're often taking risks in those missions (like trying to take back a souvenir or doing more than assigned) etc. You can have MAgic Lore 1 at character creation (you have to pay it)

Suceptible to warping / Minor / Supernatural
In any year when gaining 1 warping point form any realm/source you gain 1 additional point of warping in the same realm at the end of the year. This do not cnotribute to Wizard's Twilight

Okay, I bought Grogs...those will be fine, you can post the character.

Ok, done. I just adjusted the characs. Less force and dex, more Presence/Comm
For 0 / Dex 1 / Qui 2 / Sta -1 / Int 0 / Pre 2 / Com 1

2 down, 2 to finish up.

Last two spells to finish up the 15 spell levels.
Instant Chair - CrHe - 10 (+20)
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
This spell creates a wooden chair. The chair is surprisingly comfortable for being made without cushions.
Base 3 +1 touch +2 sun

Evening's Comfort - CrIg - 5 (+10)
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
This spell keeps the targeted object warm to the touch. Generally used to keep beds warm.
Base 2 +1 touch +2 sun

Note: Both were taken from Magi of Herme's pg 30 with slight changes. That said, they don't use anything that wouldn't be found within the guidelines from Core.

I should have pointed out that Difficult Underlings is major as well, but I still fail at basic maths. I'll remove no sense of direction, and change social contacts to sharp ears. I'll spend the remaining skill xp as you suggest, so I think Eudocia is done now.

For Ilia, the only problem was Elemental Aegis right? I'd like to redesign the spell so that it just offers soak versus elemental damage. ReIg is the only one which talks about damage mitigation; ReAu says Base 10 protects against 'very severe weather' of which lightning is an example - so would a ReAu base 10 ward completely stop Incantation of Lightning's +30 damage, even though WaF&H only offers soak versus Ball of Abysmal Flame? I'm happy to go with a version of WAH&F which offers the soak against all four elements if that's simpler.

Actually level 10 base aurum says protect against "a type" of very severe weather phenomenon. The spell is really just too broad to work at the levels you have.

Eudocia can be posted.

Lamech, I assume you realize that Abigail still needs 15 levels of spells.

These where the two that were supposed to finish it up!

Okay, go ahead and post Abigail then.

Alright then Abigail posted. Now we should probably talk about the focus. Its not important now, but here was the general idea behind it: Spells that make plants grow, keep them healthy or blossom would all fall under farming. Healing plants would too. It could not for example create plants, or plant products. Due to the minor nature of the focus, I don't think it should be able to work on animals. That all make sense? Secondly I was thinking of adding

Just under the virtues for clarification?
Anyway it pretty clearly covers the spells I have it applied too. Its time for Ars Rune Factory!
That all make sense?