1223.4 Don't Forget the Blacksmith of Brandywine

((does it look like we can get close enough to the palisade by ninjaing through the forest without going invisible?))

That's within the realm of what's possible.

Okay, let's go with that then, and avoid having to rely on sponts if we can. Stealthify through the forest, Marcus torches the palisade, we sneak in under cover of chaos and do some recon, then take off and meet on the other side. Sound good?

Yeah, it keeps everyone more or less together.
Let's just do some stealth rolls for Wilhelm to lead everyone through the forest.

Not sure how many you want, but let's do a nice, even five.Dex 2 + Stealth (Natural Areas) 3 + Ways of the Forest 3 = 8 + the die roll.

((I was thinking as many as were done here.))

The 8 happens early enough it's not an issue, and everyone is escorted expertly by Wilhelm through the forest. At sight of the palisade Marcus begins his work and lets loose with half a dozen large balls of fire setting it afire. He does this a total of 5 times. Shouts rise up from the other side, but the heat is too intense and began too suddenly for them to combat the flames. Marcus holds everyone from going, as it is a bit too hot, and there isn't a clear way through, yet. After a minute or two Marcus unleashes another barrage of fire, this time at the gate, bathing that single area with the concentrated flames of 2 dozen balls of fire. Finally, he begins working in earnest, and his brow begins to show some sweat, as the gate rages with a huge conflagration, seemingly burning faster than it ordinarily would. When a hole large enough for the party to move through forms everyone can see building on the other side of the wall, the building seems to be built into the hillside and is also wooden. Two giants on the other side of the wall are dousing the structure against the hillside with water.
"That was fun. Do you want to do anything before I create smoke?"

[color=blue]"I can cast Jupiter's Resounding Blow or Charge of the Angry Winds if you think they would do any good."

"Do you really think a strong wind is going to knock a giant down? I may have jested about making bacon, but I'm thinking that turning a man into a pig being surrounded by fire with smoke about to come creates an opportunity for increasing the chaos."

Fiona smiles. [color=blue]"And I did invent that enhanced version of the Curse of Circe for just such an occasion. As long as they're not much bigger than I am now, that would work." (Basically, up to Size +4)

"Can you by chance multicast it? We need to keep applying pressure, if we let off for too long, we'll lose advantage."

((Multicasting is only available with the appropriate Mastery ability, right?))

[color=blue]"I'm afraid not," Fiona sighs. [color=blue]"But in this aura, I should be able to keep casting it all day long."

((That's correct.))

"Very well, cast it!" Fiona spots two figures who are in view dousing the building with water. She can't see anyone closer to the gate. "Let me know when you're done and I'll smoke the fire."

((The spell is Voice range. Her CT is 35, not counting Aura or her talisman, and the spell level is 40. Do you want me to roll, and if so, how many times? Basically, she's going to enswine them until she runs out of targets otherwise.))

Yeah, 'cause she might botch, right? Am I missing something
Two times.

((No, I forgot that the other times were non-combat, non-stressful situations.)

CT 35 + Aura 10 + Talisman 5 + die roll of 0 (dammit! Okay, botch check comes up a 2) = 50. Penetration total (if necessary) is 10 + Penetration (Transformation) 3 + Mastery 1 = 14.

The second roll is 50 + die roll of 8 = 58. Penetration total (if necessary) is 18 + Penetration (Transformation) 3 + Mastery 1 = 22.

Both go off.

Both manage to penetrate and are now swine. Hmm. Are these like big pigs or standard sized? Did we ever discuss that? Curses, I hate when I think about this stuff at this stage....

((Spell description doesn't say (of course), but I had assumed that, for the standard CoC, that they would be normal sized pigs. Which are still pretty hefty sized. So, for the enhanced version, they'd probably be giant-sized? The same size as they were human (or whatever), anyway). Quick google search indicates that a pig weighs at least as much as a large man (prime market hog, 250-270 pounds; breeding hog, up to 500 pounds; record is 1600 pounds).))

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with this being comparatively large pigs, I think.

The first giant transforms into a pig and just freezes, and then the second giant that Fiona can see tranforms as well,and you see the pigs eyes grow wide in shock and horror and then both begin to squeal at each other loudly. After squealing for a bit they begin running around. Another giant comes into view... "Get him too, and then I'll start the smoke." Assuming Fiona does, Marcus then says something quickly and the character of the flames slow, almost as if they've been smothered and bilious smoke begins to form and hover over the area.

Marcus then goes about casting a spell on two grogs (or one grog and Wilhelm if he's willing or wants to see?) who are going to lead everyone through the thick smoke, Fiona thinks, based on the words and gestures he's using, it is a spontaneous casting of True Sight of the Air. When he's done with those two, Marcus seems a bit out of breath, "I don't think I can do more than two, or I'll get too tired out. Being able to see through the smoke is too important. I can take care of myself to see, as I know the spell, but its range is personal. So at least three of us can see through the smoke."

It's a 15th level InAu effect if Fiona wants to try for it.

((Yeah, Wilhelm would be a good choice, assuming we're close enough to the woods to keep his Anchored to the Forest from kicking in.))

On the third giant-to-pig, CT 50 + die roll of 0 (botch check is a 6), for a CS of 50, and a Penetration of 14.

On sponting True Sight of the Air, it's going to be close: Sta 3 + In 5 + Au 5 + Aura 10 = 23 + die roll of 2 = 25, halved is 13. She tries again, 23 + die roll of 9 = 32, halved is 16.

[color=blue]"Ah, that's much better," she says. [color=blue]"Where to from here?"

The first one is sufficient...
The aura here is in excess of 10.