Chapter 2: Through a glass darkly (ooc)

One month into the game, rolling out new characters? :laughing:

Mus musculus (Latin for house mouse, no kidding)

Attack +250; Defense +300, soak +75000

well, okay maybe a little less.

So what do you do with the fearsome critter?

And no Might Score!
Bind it as my Familiar! :wink:

I'm waiting for the emo dude to waft all lyrical and hand the critter over to the swanette.
(We have a local football team called The Sydney Swans , the Swanettes are their former cheer squad)


Dwarf :stuck_out_tongue:

I may go out tomorrow if I can borrow a coat to wear
Oh I'd step out in style with my sincere smile and my dancing bear
Outrageous alarming courageous charming
Oh who would think a boy and bear
Could be well accepted everywhere
It's just amazing how fair people can be

Seen at the nicest places where well fed faces all stop to stare
Making the grandest entrance is Simon Smith and his dancing bear
They'll love us, won't they?
They feed us, don't they?
Oh, who would think a boy and bear
Could be well accepted everywhere
It's just amazing how fair people can be

Who needs money when you're funny?
The big attraction everywhere
Will be Simon Smith and his dancing bear
It's Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear

Alan Price Set - Simon Smith & his amazing dancing bear 1967

Just want to be sure I've got the sequence right.

  1. Cygna starts her Summon Wee Mousey spell as Viscaria rigs the throw-the-lens-through-the-mirror apparatus, pulling the lens back from Otherwhen intact.
  2. The mouse appears, sniffs the air, starts to run away.
  3. Serrano sponts his Garb the Wee Mousey spell, in hopes that someone will try to catch it.
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

Hopefully, if someone catches the mouse (if no one attempts by the time I get home from work in the morning, I'll give it a go), then Cygna won't have her latest meltdown.

Then we can rig a harness on the mouse and send it through on a little recon mission.

In the Contract we signed , i understood that families , social life and jobs were not to impede posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't read it. It is just the small print. Bad for your eyes, you know?

[size=50]Players who do not post regularly shall be flogged, tared, feathered, quartered and hanged (in this order). There will be no waterboarding though since it is not torture.[/size]

BTW, I'll be away this week-end.

Hey, I'm here. I'm just not the one doing anything right now.

We should all get our arses into gear and get through the mirror asap.
Probably a bit unfair to have one person stuck there unable to interact.

Helena, Berneguer and Hiems have passed through (away?), Viscaria, Cygna and Serrano are still on the cottage side.

We can go on if you have the self-discipline not to peak into the other thread (which may or ay not be set in a level 10 divine regio with a bearded man carrying keys).

Kitchen? This is two rooms including kitchen I thought, but well, okay, there is a kitchen (so the chimey is between the kitchen and the mirror room).

Guess i wasnt being clear , i did know it was only two rooms , but i probably meant from wherever we have supplies stacked.
I had this idea that standard village hovels were a three room affair for some reason.

Be a dear! :stuck_out_tongue:
Not the type of speech i was expecting from a Majorly Wrathful SwanMay.
Thats the kind of language my very proper and kindly grandmother used.
As for the portal , we shall see. :smiling_imp:

Level of effect 20
Spont for Invisible Scythe of the Unseen Harvester , ReHe 20
R: Touch , D: Mom , T: Group
As much grass as can be cut in a single day is hewn.
Base 03 , +01 Touch , +04 Group (10x10 paces of grass x 1000)

(10+09x02+0-03+0)/2 ; Casting Total = 0
Check for Botch : Yes
Wait , nearly forgot the extra die for Weird Magic (page 61) , 04

OK , a botch combined with Chaotic Magic (page 52) and i get a warping point.
So , what happens now.

I wasnt being randomly chaotic with the spell.
Thought it would make the villagers less suspicious if the grass was cut and the place looked inhabited.

I will do a few stress die rolls for making new clothes , finesse and of course sponting ReCo hair growth.
At least 2 spells for clothes (+ finesse rolls) and the hair growth.
results = 2/3/2/1/8/7
If you want all the working out , i can do it.
The craft spells are formulaic and covered by the focus , so should work.
SD for spell 01 = 02 , SD for Finesse Roll = 03
Finesse Roll: 02+03(+01 He)(+02)+03(Craft at 05)+06(major virtue)+03 = 20
SD for spell 02 = 02 , SD for Finesse Roll = 01 , 08
Finesse Roll: 02+03(+02)+03(Craft at 05)+06(major virtue)+16 = 32

HoH: Societates has the ease factor table on page 61
24 the finest work done by grandmasters in an art
27 the epitome of skill in an art

If you dont like the die rolls , im happy to re-roll.

SD for spont = 07
Base 15 , +0 personal , +0 momentary , +0 individual (unless you want +01 part)
(Re10 + Co04 + 0 - 03 + 07)/02 = 09
Having failed to achieve my target level of 15 (no real surprise) ,
you can do something else horrible to my poor abused character. :frowning:

okay, it works

Where are our grogs? It just isnt Ars Magica without flunkies. :slight_smile:

Because they hadnt been washed since they were last used. Eww!
InCo spells revealed far too much of the activities on those sheets.

Dude, we're carrying the supplies! Viscaria's pile is probably so high that she can't see over them. It's not like any of us memorized Unseen Porter.