Chapter 2: Through a glass darkly (ooc)

OOc notes for chapter two - a new thread for easy reference

Sometimes it would help if Ars Magica had an equipment list.
Or at least if we actually had any money.
What do you end up with after 15 years of apprenticeship.

Serrano has spent all his life travelling , so hopefully he would be prepared for cold weather.
At the very least he would have purchased some fleeces to make warm clothing with.
And use as a bedroll. We were at a trade fair after all and staying with a merchant.

Okay, you can buy the best warm clothes mundane money can buy in a medieval town/city.
Still, it's January and sitting on a donkey cart all day must be cold.

Or i can spell my own clothes from raw materials instead. :slight_smile:
Unless the Dominion aura is exceptionally high , the minor focus would help me cast a craft spell.
Or , i can wait until we are at a sufficient distance from the city to do so.

January is not traditionally a cold month in more southerly climes.

So , some fleeces for padding and a thick cloak will make the trip endurable if not overly comfortable.

Average temperature for Perpignan in January is 8°C.

  • Winters in the middle ages were colder than today.
  • temperatures inland are colder.
  • temperature decreases with altitude (about 1K/100m)
  • I wanted the winter to be cold

Of course Serrano can create clothes magically (no rolls needed, there is no stress involved)

Actually , i do need to roll , Unpredictable Magic makes all die rolls stress.

ReAn15 for the spell , roll=05
Re10/An04/Sta:0/Aura:? so 23 +/- aura

(sorry to be a pain)

thanks for reminding me - spell works.

As for sleeping in the same bed with a woman who is not either a wife , sister , grandmother , etc
even with a priest in the same room. :astonished:
Having gone to Catholic Schools for all but two years of my education ,
not even the most liberal priest would condone such moral laxity.
(as if we would have dared to ask such a question)

Are you saying my immunity to mundane temperatures might actually be useful, if only to be the only one that'll have a good night sleep? Great! :smiley:

Funny thing is, even if hiems doesn't feel the cold, he IS cold.

The others will love to hug Hiems!

The problem is, he's so sexy with that Venus Blessing, and Viscaria has about 15 years worth of hormonal energy pent up. She hugs him for the cold shower effect, I think.

Given my unfamiliarity with the system, can you list off all your other modifiers here? I'm counting base 19 before the aura.

Casting Score = tech + form + sta + aura modifier = 10 + 04x02 + 0 + Aura = 18 + Aura
As a magical focus applies , lowest art score is doubled.
If it were the right season , i would also get a +03 bonus for Cyclic Magic

Formulaic Casting Total = Casting Score + Die Roll.

~blink~ I guess I missed the doubling thing. Thanks for doing the math for me.

If it had been important at the time , i should have rolled the Ease Factor for Rego Craft magic.
roll = 14
If a stress die , roll again roll = 21
1 , 4 is 4x02 + 13 = 21
Per + Finesse (+02) + S/N Trait + Die Roll = 02 + 03(+02) + 06 + 01 = 14
Puissant Finesse and a major essential trait that applies for finesse rolls
when crafting clothes.

We should add a smoke alarm to the provisions list.
(a rooster that will make noise sort of smoke alarm , or a dog)

As im fairly certain the villagers will bar the doors and attempt to burn us alive in the house.

I'll just turn the interior into stone. I got all these Terram Vis-fatigue levels sitting around anyway.

In a brilliant bit of brain-failure, I forgot that vis types are chosen based on the spell, not the material of the object being enchanted. ~headdesk~

Still, will make for good RP.

Being old school , i rush eagerly into the room without checking for traps first.
Looking for any obvious magic items , such as staves , wands or rings , i claim first dibs. :mrgreen:

Otherwise , if Awareness rolls are needed , should we just roll them or wait until asked?

Actually, because of Serrano's Awareness I won't have to make many awareness rolls. I may have to do a few, but not many. You can of course tell me that you are actively looking for sth, but I believe that it is better for players not to know how well their awareness rolls are (imagine you roll a botch, and I tell you that you see an invisible creature just behind you. Where is the genuine feeling of paranoia - all the fun - if you know right away that it is only a botch...)

Okay, everybody spread out...that little blonde-haired girl's gotta be around here somewhere.