1220 Spring - Treasure Hunting

From under the blanket, in response to the call, a guttural moan ascends and morphs into a vibrant "sshhhhh... ow". Osbertus slowly rises from the blankets, holding his head in one hand and the side of the wagon in the other. Climbing up, he teeters for a moment on the edge, like a cat on a railing, before falling out of the wagon, on his face, on the ground. "Ow..." he says from the ground, looking up to see if there were any witnesses. Getting up, he turns to the man, and says (in English), "Thanks awfully, Haelan. I'm afraid I can't offer any breakfast... but there is a place with really great vittles over in Hoxne... by the time we get there, I should be able to eat..."

Assuming Haelan is up for a trip to Hoxne, Osbertus looks around for the other Magi, and asks the group; if nobody is present, he will go off and ask people individually; if anyone wants to go to Hoxne to look for the treasure. He's not waking people up, but they are likely awake, having just done their Parma Rituals (he stops to do his, as well). If anyone wants to come, he will introduce them (in Latin), "This is Haelan, I met him last night. He's a very interesting fellow, he's been everywhere." If noone wants to come, and nothing else is going on, he'll go by himself.

[center]Jadranka ex Verditius[/center]

Having cooled down after getting a decent night's sleep and eating a good breakfast, Jadranka was in a much better mood when Osbertus comes calling, asking about going to Hoxne to look for this pile of gold that they had heard about. She had just finished her parma ritual and had started on doing some light stretching when the magus came calling. She greeted him with a smile and a slight bow while pulling her fingers through her hair, attempting to clean herself off.

"And a fine morning to you, sodales," she cooed, grasping at leaves and dirt in her hair. "It's a shame we haven't had time to set anything up. Then again, without a pound to our collective names, we really can't afford anything, can we?"

She continues to run her fingers through her hair until it is straight(ish), finishing by brushing off what dirt she can from her robes and clothing. "Considering we have little to begin with, apart from whatever we can sell of the things from the lodge, I'd say looking for this pile of Roman gold is the way to go. I would be glad to join you, Osbertus!"

Haelan would happily help Osbertus back on his feet and brush him down a bit. He's looking around at the camp and ruins with interest, as he's never been here before. "I know Hoxne pretty well, get yourself sorted and lets go."

==Posting for Cossyc==

Thierry wakes early - like cats do. This was not his favourite night: there was a debate, after which Jadranka, who claimed to fare from the same house Thierry did, seemed to have been offended, and there was no time to talk about it.

So when they woke, and Osbertus apparently decided to go hunting for some treasure and Jadranka elected to go along, Thierry approached them.
"Would you mind if I went with you? I kind of overheard what you were talking about. Treasure is always interesting."