1221.0a Vis Distribution

Okay, since it looks like Fiona, at the very least, is fixin' to have to know how much Vis she has, I'm going to go ahead and do the Vis distribution for Fiona's council meeting.

This is how she's going to do it. She's going to list what vis we have in surplus for distribution, in order (first to last gathered). Anybody wants some of that stock, they say (for example) I would like five pawns of Rego. If the number of pawns requested =< the number of pawns on hand, then they get that amount. If more pawns of a certain type are requested than we have on hand, then she will pro-rate. So, if we have five pawns of Animal, and Fiona requests eight and Onesiphorus requests five, then they will get three and two respectively.

In order to determine the surplus, we need to distribute the vis for the previous year's Princeps duties: Alexei, Apollodorus, and Onesiphorus get two pawns each. And we need to account for the casting of the Aegis in Autumn. Which, apparently, none of the PC know that spell, so I'm guessing Apollodorus cast it. Which forms would he have used? We have ten pawns of Vim (the broken stalactites) and ten of Rego (the gemstones from the Wivre), and iirc we're using a 7th magnitude Aegis, so that's seven pawns.

And we're not counting the dedicated ReTe in the fomula (although we should probably start working on getting that chess piece sold), so Alexei, Apollodorus, Fiona, and Onesiphorus get nine pawns each.

We currently have:

  • Ten pawns of Mentem (tent sheets)
  • Five pawns of Muto (silk cocoons)
  • Two pawns of Aurum (items caught during a fierce storm)
  • Ten pawns of Corpus (rose petals)
  • Three pawns of Vim (broken stalactites)
  • Six pawns of Mentem (moss imbued with dewdrops).
  • Four pawns of Aquam (chunks of ice)
  • Ten pawns of Rego (garnet and emerald)

I'll hold off on posting what Fiona wants until y'all have posted your bids.

(edit: Filtiarn, Jormungand, and Korvin weren't in the covenant in 1220, so no cookies. And I'm half-tempted, in-character, to split the vis six ways instead of four because of Iosephus and Silviatos, even though their players are gone - one character is in a long twilight and the other has left on a Mystery adventure and may return someday, even though the players know better. But I didn't)

Onesiphorous will be able to learn and cast it in Autumn, which is also when the Vim vis becomes available. The Rego vis becomes available around 12/31, by my reading.
Also the Rego vis is in two gemstones, 5 pawns each. They can be split into individual pawns with some trival work, but doing so destroys the gemstones.

Okay, so if Onesiphorus cast the Aegis, then i guess he'll decide which pawns he used. And do we have anyone capable of splitting the gemstones/pawns, or is that a Hermetic thing? (i.e. they can split the pawns into five one-pawn thingies, but that would involve Vis Transfer)?

This can be a troupe/council call. I would think the vim would be used first, because it is available when he's learned the spell.

The vis transfer can be done in a day (page 94 of MRB). So for two different items, two days. This is something that Fiona could've reasonably done during her Princeps time if she so desired.

Which is actually what I marked off when I hit Accounting on my MC file for the covenant, so that works, then. I'll edit what's available, then.

Still pending what 1220's Princeps want for their salary.

For Alexei he'd like 3 Corpus, 3 Rego and 3 Muto

The salary is 2 pawns of your choice. Apollodorus has ceded one of his princeps seasons salary to you for your work on the defenses.

If you do this, that's fine, their salary can be held in trust, and they get...leftovers.

If no one has taken any Mentem, he'll take all his vis in Mentem.

Oh, I thought I read a 9 pawn distro.

2 pawns of corpus, and if Apollodorus gives 1 the 3rd will be Rego, or his choice.

Yes, but the nine pawns from the surplus is after the princeps get their two pawns for services rendered: Alexei, Apollodorus, and Onesiphorus get two pawns each. So, in effect, Alexei would get two, and then another nine for a total of 11.

So, he's taking two pawns of Corpus for his Princeps-hood, and asking 3 Corpus, 3 Rego and 3 Muto out of the surplus, then?

And what does Apollodorus want for his other pawn? (He gets 2 for Princeps duty and 9 for surplus distribution, and we have 10 pawns of Mentem)

16 pawns.


I would guess that the RedCaps would give good return on the ReTe vis since it is used in the Mercere Portals.

Yep. If there ever was a source of vis that Mons Electi should build some stock of, it would be these indeed.

Speaking of stocks, don't you guys think that building some vis stock might be a good idea... Not just for emergencies purposes but for possible exchanges between covenants?

Requires amending the charter.

Don't worry, I've the feeling that Fieltarn's is not finished proving himself to be just a tiny little wee bit kinda meddlesome at Council meetings...:mrgreen:

... All for the common good, it goes without saying.

Oh...right. Forgot about the other six that are right there on my first post. facepalm Eleven pawns it is then.