1222.0a Vis Distribution

Well, since the players of both the Princeps (Fieltarn) and the Vice Princeps (Jormungand) in two weeks or two months, as the case may be, I'm going to go ahead and try to get the Vis distribution out of the way so we can get moving on our plans for 1222. This is pretty much the same way it was done last year.

I'm acting on the assumption that all seven pawns of Vis used for the Aegis of the Hearth were Vim.

Since the surplus is calculated in Winter, the pay period runs Winter to Autumn, so we need to pay the Princeps for their services.

  • Winter 1220: Fiona, 2+2 pawns
  • Spring 1221: Alexei, 2 pawns
  • Summer 1221: Korvin, 2 pawns
  • Autumn 1221: Jormungand, 2 pawns

According to my ledger, we currently have 29 pawns of Intellego, 5 Muto, 13 Rego, 8 Aquam, 4 Aurum, 15 Corpus, 21 Mentem, 6 Vim, and 12 pawns' worth of Dedicated Rego Terram which (by precedent) is not counted as far as calculating surplus.

Also, Osesiphorus has yet to claim his nine pawns of vis from the 1221 distribution.

We owe Atsingani four pawns of vis (of a form of their choosing, as long as it's not more than half of our current stores of that form), and they owe us four pawns of (I believe) Herbam, in tribute.

That leaves us 101 pawns in inventory, less the nine that Onesiphorus has yet to claim and the ten pawns due Princeps compensation.

Full members owed shares are Alexei, Apollodorus, Fiona,and Onesiphorus. Probationary members owed half-shares are Fieltarn, Jormungand, and Korvin. So, that's five and a half shares of the surplus.

Full members are entitled to 14 pawns each, while Probationary Members are entitled to 7 pawns each.

Choose wisely.

(edit - forgot to back out the Princeps's pay before figuring the surplus, so it's actually 14 & 7 instead of 16 & 8.)

Jacques was delivering the 4 pawns at the meeting. He will trade for Mentem.

I would recommend that the ReTe pawns be unclaimed as they can be used on building making the buildings, etc for the Tribunal. I would also suggest that we set aside some Herbam for the same purpose. If it is not used then it can be used for payment or distribution later.

This year we collect the 2 rooks of Herbam from Atsingani's legacy.

Korvin asks for 5 pawns of Corpus, 3 Rego and 2 mentem.

I thought Viscaria was also receiving a half-share "salary."

~blink~ 2 ROOKS per year as a legacy? There is no way we're keeping that come the next tribunal.

I believe it's payment for the year of 1221, so neither Viscaria, Laetitia, nor Isen get anything this time around.

I had forgotten to back out the Princeps' pay when figuring how much every got from the surplus. (made the change a few minutes ago). So Korvin actually gets 7+2 instead of 8+2. Sorry.

Yes, but it's Herbam. Herbam is probably the most common form of vis in the Order.

Co5 + Re3 + M1 then

I will give up Corpus if someone needs it for a LR.

Fiona will take 5 Intellego (to repay the debt she owes to Laetitia), 3 Muto, 3 Corpus, and 3 Vim (all of which she will use to bond Paul).

[color=blue]"I will defer the balance of my allotment for if I find myself in need. Otherwise, it can be used by the Covenant in preparation for the Tribunal."

I believe it's a Seisin until the next Tribunal, at which time it may become a Legacy. Anway...refresh my memory, when do we/they harvest that vis so I can log it?

You had a debt of 1 pawn of Intellego I believe. Did you take that into account?

Oh...right, I had forgotten about that. So, make that six Intellego instead of five, and she will defer three pawns instead of four. Thanks.

Make sure you check the spreadsheet. I think I made a debt for her already. Do not double take the vis

Did we ever figure out the vis and amount of it from the end of Fieltarn's adventure? Laetitia and Alexei went in there and Alexei came out with a mouthful of coins that were vis.

Can we have someone do a quick count of those, or do those go to the magi that found them?

It's been a long couple of days. Nothing wears you down like walking to work in 22°(F) weather at not quite 4am.

So, back to taking five Intellego and deferring four pawns from her allotment.

If we have figured out how much it was, I missed it too. As far as where the vis goes, according to the charter: if it's an undisputed and unclaimed vis source, the first harvest goes to the finder(s), with subsequent harvests belonging to the Covenant; if it's simply vis that somebody left lying around, it belongs to the finder(s). So, either way, I think Fieltarn, Laetitia, and Alexei are safe in pocketing it themselves.

Laetitia ignored the vis, left before collecting any, when I hinted that the boundary was closing. Fieltarn, since I had to run him forgot the vis. Alexei managed to snag 8 coins by the SG reminding him.
I think with three possible claims and none of them really strong, it's best if it just goes to the covenant.

It was 8 pawns.

Okay, that bumps us back up to 16 pawns for full shares and 8 for Probationary shares.

Korvin can have that second pawn of Mentem, and Fiona will defer the extra two pawns due her.

8 Pawns of what? Can we assume we'd cast a succesful 'Sense the Nature of Vis'? Actually looking at the last post it glowed White. I don't have my book, is that Vim?


Korvin will change the 2 pawns of Mentem to 2 pawns of Creo. (did not know we had that)

So is it 14 for Alexei or 16?

He'll go with 6 pawns of Intelligo, 2 pawns of Creo, 3 pawns of Corpus, 3 pawns of Rego, and if it's 16 he's owed he'll take 2 in Mentem.

This should include the summer Tropaea buy not the spring one. I haven't had a chance to review this because of my extra work duty.