By the bye, has anyone from Atsingani responded to Fiona's request to have a representative (preferable Viviane; if not her, than Jacques) at the Spring Council Meeting?

You can presume that they are all there.
Their grog contingent was missing the troublesome ones from the farm episode.

Another quick question or two:

  • Is it safe to assume that we were successful in harvesting all our vis sources in 1220?
  • Were we able to get enough Rego and/or Vim vis to successfully cast the Aegis of the Hearth? And, if so, when was it cast?

By then Alexei would have learned a lvl 30 Wizard's Communion and would have wanted to be involved in the casting.

Should I go ahead and update Alexei's character sheet with the two new spells (he spent Fall and Winter inventing a new spell) and does the new spell meet with approval? Titan's Gentle Slap.

Yes, everything was collected. The amounts aren't correct in the covenant description thread, but are correct at Obsidian Portal.
Casting would've happened sometime late in the autumn or the shortly into winter.

The spell is fine. Go ahead and update.

My posting will be a little slow today and tomorrow. Very busy at work and tomorrow I have a medical procedure (nothing to worry about) that might leave me unable to post until maybe Wednesday. I'll post though if I can. At the Council meeting we can say that Alexei is trying to sober up so he's not talking much.

Sometime in probably early Winter 1220, Fiona will speak with our blacksmith/armourer (or the closest we have to one) about commissioning armour for her, which needs to be finished by the end of spring.

Korvin has Wizard's Communion at 20 so he can help with the Ageis casting.

Just got back from my cardioversion, I had an Atrial Fibulation (an irregular heartbeat) and had to get it zapped into rhythm again. Doing well, but I'm a little loopy, so I won't likely be posting today. Take care all.

Ow. And you call that loopy?

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I went into something similar a week ago. 18 hours straight or arrhythmia tachycardia before they realized that someone had sc***ed my "prescription adjusment", and they "adjusted" it again. :unamused:
I can confirm that such event does leaves one "loopy" indeed, take care qcipher.

Quick question. I thought I had read somewhere that canonically, there is no Order of Odin in 5e...which does not necessarily mean that the OoH knows that there's no such thing.

As far as our characters know (and I'm assuming that Jormungand might be in a better position to have a more accurate answer, dunno), is the Order of Odin a confirmed organization, is it a bedtime story told to scare young apprentices, is it something like the Loch Ness Monster in our world, or something in between?

Canonically there is an Order of Odin tradition within the House Miscellania, I believe. Is there also the Scandinavian Order of Odin? Hadn't really given it a lot of though.

Okay, so I was looking over the covenant charter, specifically the bits on vis, and I just want to make sure I'm understanding correctly.

We don't have a vis allowance or stipend or whatever, where each magus gets paid so many vis a year.

What we do seem to have is that the members are able to volunteer to perform services for the covenant, and are compensated according to how much risk is involved (minimum two pawns), as determined by the Princeps. And, every year at the winter meeting, after deducting the cost of the Aegis (7 pawns) and the costs of the services performed by the members (undetermined), then each member gets one share of the surplus (next year, full members get a full share, probationary get half). And rereading, I notice that the surplus is determined in the Winter meeting, but is distributed in the Spring meeting.

Now, if I'm understanding that right, my MetaCreator shows that we currently have 50 pawns of vis, but haven't deducted anything for services rendered, because that's not come up in any of the threads (unless Princeps duty counts). Apollodorus, Alexei, Fiona, and Onesiphorus would each get one fourth of that vis (I'm assuming that Silviatos and Iosephus don't get a share since they're missing), which would be twelve pawns each (rounding down), and leaving two pawns in the stores.

Am I reading that right? And if so, since payment is made in the Spring meeting, would I be correct in assuming that the distribution of the surplus would also? (which, I think, is the meeting that we're having now). And would I also be correct in assuming that the method of distribution is up to the Princeps's discretion?

(The reason I'm trying to get clarification is because I think Fiona's going to have to pay some vis to somebody somewhere, and she doesn't have any without the surplus distribution. And she really doesn't want to have to go begging to the Council for vis for her own personal business...or for any reason, for that matter...that whole Secretive thing.)

I bumped up some of the amounts of vis to spend Mad Max's build points. The Vis Sources on Obsidian Portal has 57.
The ReTe directed vis can't be divided, but it can be broken up at selection. It is not easily transportable. See the description of that for more information. I think it is reasonable that Princeps duties could yield a fee for service at the minimum level. If the Princeps thinks their work was especially dangerous or difficult, I can see them helping themselves to a bigger portion and designating it in the record to be paid out at the end of their term.

My suggestion would be to retain the ReTe directed vis in stores and then calculate shares for distribution excluding it, and run an account of the shares of the ReTe vis. Alternatively, the Mercere could find a nice home for that vis at a great price.

I saw that, and updated my MC file accordingly, which is where I got the 50 pawns from (the 57 from the vis sources, less the 7 pawns for the Aegis of the Hearth that we cast in Autumn).

Right...a 14st chess piece. Good luck getting that past Homeland Security :laughing:

Okay...so for 1220, that would be Alexei (Spring), Onesiphorus (Summer), and Apollodorus for Silviatos (Autumn). The Winter meeting would have marked the beginning of Fiona's term (I'm assuming that the seasonal meeting is the one that occurs the day before the start of the season, so the Winter would be the one that happens on the last day of fall.) When Jormungand does the figuring for 1221, I think Fiona can make a pretty good case that getting kidnapped and stuck in a blizzard, caught between two (for lack of a better word) rival factions should be worth a couple extra pawns.

So. 57, less 7 for the Aegis, less 2 each for Alexei, Onesiphorus, and Apollodorus, less the 6 dedicated ReTe, would be 38. Which divides into 9 each for the four magi, with two carrying over into the next year's stores.

And if we can find a good buyer for the ReTe through the Mercere, that can get added into the stores for 1221.

Technically, Alexei didn't have a season, Apollodorus had two, but he's willing to let Alexei have the spring amount due to the ongoing service of improving defense.

Now... You're the Princep who decides whether or not you get extra vis. Every Princep can make that determination for themselves. You enter it into the record and it is done. Of course abusing this privelege will likely bring the wrath of your sodales upon you.

Okay, so Alexei, Apollodorus, and Onesiphorus get two pawns each of their choosing. I figured all seven pawns used for the Aegis were the Vim, since Rego would likely be more useful and more in demand. So, with that, we currently have 10 pawns of Mentem, 5 Muto, 2 Aurum, 10 Corpus, 3 Vim, 4 Aquam, and 10 Rego. Once the payment for Princeps duty is rendered, then Fiona will distribute the surplus at the end of the meeting.

And she will enter "Fiona, +2 pawns" into the record. (I was going to put "for being held prisoner and stuck in a blizzard for a week," but I figured that she's Secretive, and wouldn't enter why...plus, it's common knowledge what happened. But mainly being Secretive, "which can frustrate those around" her.)

There's a vis source that isn't recorded on Obsidian Portal. The mist of forgotten dreams, Mentem 6 pawns, bought with some of the 70bps Jonathan accorded to Fieltarn (and Victor), as quote : "items that are already at the covenant" (ie, before Fieltarn's coming, at least that's how I read it). So, Fiona, Apollodorus, Alexei should also benefits from this source, unless I misinterpreted.

Dang it. I'm going to have to get my hands on a copy of The Lion and the Lily, aren't I.