1221 Muggle Games (Summer, 1221)

Starting several days before the Tribunal begins, the covenfolk of the Covenant of Loch Leglean start to work on the fairgrounds outside the covenant, forming a large (several dozen acres) field extending from the eastern edge of the covenant up the riverbank. As the work progresses, one can see where the merchants' booths will be set up, the "fighters' pits", the archery targets which back up to the river, and the cabers being stacked like cordwood to one side.

The vendors' booths are scattered seemingly haphazardly around the fairgrounds, but as they're erected it gradually becomes obviously that the booths are spaced widly enough apart that there's ample room for people to pass by, and that they're not aligned in any kind of pattern.

"So" Madadh asks someone near the fighters pit, almost as a challenge "Where do I sign up for the hand to hand stuff? Wrestling, brawling sort of competition?"

"They will have tables set up starting Monday, the first day of Tribunal," she says. "I think they're doing the wrestling and bare-hands fighting Monday, weapons and melee Tuesday, and the cabers Wednesday. Officially. People can have unofficial contests all week."

The woman who answered, while not particularly tall, is powerfully built, her dirty blonde hair very close-cut.

Any grog who wanted Bea's assistance should run spell ideas past me. Be a does Concentration-duration spells, maintains them for Moon, suppresses them, and maintains the suppression for Moon. Once at the tribunal she hands off control of the maintaining spells. This allows the grogs to cancel the second one to activate the spell and then cancel the first to end the spell. She can do this for original spells up to level 40. Roughly speaking, she can spont ReVi to level 30, Re** or **Vi to level 20, and anything else to level 10. Co might push those 5 higher. So definitely consider ReCo movement spells, MuCo and MuCo(An) buffs, and Re wards if nothing else. Invisibility and some perception stuff could be handy, too.

OOC: Isn't the level of a spontaneous spell half casting total plus stress die? I don't think Beatrix can easily get up to 60 CT for ReVi, 40 for Re** or **Vi, or 20 for anything else. Those would all require a multiplier on the stress die. Did you forget to cut the CT in half?

LIkewise, any grog who wants a one-shot item for the muggle games should let Gavin know. He can whip up a number of items, Ask for what you want and we'll see what he can do. Best Arts are Mu, Pe, Re, Co, Im, and Vi.

First, I said "roughly speaking," just wanting to ballpark things. I did halve things. Her plan was to cast at our covenant, before leaving. If she's near her limit, ceremonial magic can be used. Take a look at my calculations for more detail:

Sta 1 + Aura 5 + Voice 1 + Gestures 1 + Artes Liberales 2 + Philosophiae 2 + Casting Props 1 = 13

Creo 3+3 = 6 --> 19
Intellego 4 + Talisman 2 = 6 --> 19
Muto 5+3 + Talisman 5 = 13 --> 26
Perdo 5+3 + Talisman 3 = 11 --> 24
Rego 18+3 + Talisman 2 = 23 --> 36

Then there is the roll and maybe something from the Form. So level 10 really is worst-case. In the specific case of Vim, that adds 18 more. Meanwhile Corpus adds 8, Animal adds 4, and Terram adds 2. So with ReVi she's at 54+roll, which is roughly 60 on average. Her worst Vi is 37+roll, and her worst Re is 36+roll, both reaching 40 on average. MuCo is actually closer to level 20 than my suggested 15 at 34+roll.

Ooh, these two could make some really buffed grogs for the games!

Ah, I wasn't counting Ceremonial casting and all that. And I forgot the Aura (my bad). What's the +1 from Casting Props, though?

Take a look at Bea's possessions. She will eventually acquire some larger ones to keep in her labs with their casting circles, probably at the size for +3.

I'll have to pick some up at the tribunal meeting. :slight_smile:

Madadh smiles "So what events are you signing up for? I could use a warm up wrestling match."

Here are some ideas for one-shot items. Let me know if anyone wants one, or can think of another.

Running Contest
Wolf's Tooth (allows you to turn into a wolf and run faster)

Swimming Contest
Potion of Duck's Feet (gives +3 Swim until sunset)

Potion of Growth (+1 Size until sunset)
Charm of Protective Winds (like Circling Winds of Protection for Conc duration)
Ring of Wizard's Sidestep (Wizard's Sidestep until sunset)
Seed of Entrapping Vines (like Trap of the Entwining Vines)
Wand of Impenetrable Silk (animal-baed clothes or armor get +3 Soak until sunset)

Charm of Quieting the Raging Winds (as Quiet the Raging Winds)
Arrow of Seeking (as Seek the Target, below)

Caber Toss
Ring of the Hurled Log (as Hurl the Log, below)

ReHe 5
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind
Causes an arrow to seek any named target in range, doing +4 Damage.
(Base 3, +2 Voice)

ReHe 10
R: Sight, D: Mom, T: Ind
Causes a large piece of wood to fly to anywhere within sight.
(Base 3, +3 Sight)

Gift of the bears fortitude would be useful...

Madadh would also be good with the potion of growth...

It might be best for you to focus (not 100%, just the primary focus) on affecting others while Bea focuses on buffing. For example, PeVi to get rid of an opponent's magic. Bea can provide things like the duck's feet lasting past sunset and ending at will with quite minimal effort, and no item is required. Turning into a wolf is harder (MuCo(An)20), but she could potentially pull that off. She would have trouble with circling winds of protection (which is already Concentration duration) at Cr(Re)Au20. Other stuff she could handle further, like growing by well over +1 to Size.

"I was planning on wrestling, bare-knuckle, and the sword-fighting tournament. I'm Eithne inghean Tadgh ex Miscellanea, and his shield grog." She looks over to one of the clear areas.

"I'd be more than happy to wipe the ground with you," she says with a playful smile.

Do you want to play it out round by round, or simplify it? I'm thinking Eithne and Madadh each make two Brawl attack and defence rolls. Add the two Attack rolls, subtract the opponent's Defence rolls to get the Attack Advantage, and whoever has the higher wins.

"Since this is just for fun, no magic."

I'm fine with the two roll method:
attack 1 brawl: 1D10+11 = [10]+11 = 21
botch check: 1D10 = [9] = 9
attack roll 2: 1D10+11 = [2]+11 = 13
defense rolls: 1D10+11 = [8]+11 = 19
1D10+11 = [8]+11 = 19

Attack total (2 rolls):24
Defense Total (2 rolls):32

Eithne's Attack Rolls:
1: Dex 1 + Brawl 5 + die roll of 0 (Botch Check of 2) = 6.
2: 6 + (die roll of 1, followed by a die roll of 5) 10 = 16.

Defense Rolls:
1: Qik 1 + Brawl 5 + die roll of 2 = 8.
2: 6 + die roll of 9 = 15.

Her total Attack is 22, and Defense is 23.

Her attack is less than Madadh's defense, so no attack advantage.

His attack advantage is +9.

It doesn't take long for Madadh's to get Eithne on the ground looking up at him. She looks stunned for a moment, then grins.

"Not bad for a kid," she says as she gets back to her feet.

Madadh grins "We should have put a wager on it. Maybe you could show me around and introduce me to the others?"

"Plenty of time for wagers during the tournaments. The Tribunal usually has prizes for the top competitors, changes every time. And a lot of people have side bets, too."

Eithne will take them around to show them the area. This is her third Tribunal meeting, and she recognizes some of the magi and some of the covenfolk that are there as well.

Naturally, the covenants have a larger muggle contingent than the aonaranan do, and some of the covenants brought more than others.

Anything or anyone in particular you're looking for?